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Responsible Practices for Minimizing and Monitoring Environmental Impacts of Marine Seismic Surveys with an Emphasis on Marine Mammals

Published in the journal Aquatic Mammals in 2013, this scientific article is a step-by-step guide to reducing impacts on whales and other marine species during seismic sea floor surveys. It presents the most thorough, robust and practical approach to minimizing and monitoring the risk of harm to vulnerable marine species when intense sounds are used to survey the sea floor primarily in the search for oil and gas. Based on the experience in developing and conducting Sakhalin Energy’s survey and associated mitigation and monitoring programme, the authors propose a broader approach that can be adapted to seismic surveys in any environmentally sensitive area. Each such survey, however, must take into account their specific circumstances – for example, local species, environmental features, the history and nature of other operations in the area.

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Series of scientific articles on seismic survey and western gray whales

Special Theme Section in the journal Endangered Species Research, 2015-2016

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Entanglement risk to western gray whales from commercial fisheries in the Russian Far East

In special Theme Section Marine vertebrate bycatch: problems and solutions of the journal Endangered Species Research, 2018 

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