Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel

At a glance: meetings and reports

Find in the table below the date and links to the reports of the meetings of the various task forces:
Task Force Meeting date Meeting location Meeting Ref. Link to report  
Noise Task Force November 2018 Russian Federation NTF-15 Report will be posted here as soon as it becomes available   
Noise Task Force March 2018 Switzerland NTF-14 Report  
Noise Task Force  November 2017 Netherlands  NTF-13 Report  
Noise Task Force March - April 2017 Switzerland NTF-12 Report  
Noise Task Force 

November 2016

Russian Federation NTF-11 Report  
Joint Programme November 2016 Russian Federation JPTF-3 Report  
IFC Performance Standards May 2016 Switzerland  PSTF-1 Report  
Joint Programme May 2016 Switzerland JPTF-2 Report  
Noise  May 2016 Switzerland  NTF-10 Report  
Noise November 2015 Russian Federation NTF-9 Report  
Noise November 2014  USA NTF-8 Report  
Noise October 2014 Russian Federation NTF-7 Report   
Noise April 2014 Netherlands NTF-6 Report  
Noise October 2013 Netherlands NTF-5 Report  
Noise May 2013 Japan NTF-4 Report  
Joint Programme February 2013 Switzerland JPTF-1 Report  
Noise November 2012 Republic of Korea NTF-3 Report  
Noise February 2012 Switzerland NTF-2 Report  
Environmental monitoring December 2011 Switzerland EMTF-1 Report  
Noise November 2011 Canada NTF-1 Report  
Seismic surveys  May 2011 Switzerland SSTF-7 Report   
Seismic surveys  December 2010 Switzerland SSTF-6 Report 
Seismic surveys  April 2010  Switzerland SSTF-5 Report
Photo ID December 2009 Switzerland   Report
Seismic surveys December 2009 Canada SSTF-4 Report 
Photo ID April 2009 Switzerland   Report
Seismic surveys 

Janary - 

February 2009 

Canada SSTF-3 Report 
Seismic surveys  March 2008 Switzerland SSTF-2 Report 
Oil Spill  November 2007 Switzerland   Report
Photo ID October 2007 Canada   Report
Seismic surveys  June 2007 Netherlands SSTF-1 Report


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