Welcome to 'Unite for Nature'

We are thrilled to introduce you to a new magazine for IUCN Members. Its name is Unite for Nature in recognition of the need to work together to create a just world that values and conserves nature. Throughout the pages we will show you past successes, current activities and future possibilities for conservation, from across the diverse and enormous environmental network that makes up the Union of the IUCN.

We are launching the magazine to show how important IUCN Members are to the Union. By providing Members with a platform to share their conservation stories we will further spread good practices and achievements across the conservation sector. The magazine will also help nurture a common sense of purpose between Members, Commissions and Secretariat.

The magazine, which will be published twice a year in English, French and Spanish, will also provide benefits for our Members. It will inform you about IUCN conservation tools and the latest trends in conservation. It will help build your global influence by showing how you can shape the conservation agenda through IUCN, and inform you of opportunities to get involved in conservation projects on the ground.

As we look around the world, seeing the positive impact of the work of IUCN, its Members, its Commissions and its Regional and National Committees, we feel honoured to be part of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. We hope you enjoy reading about these accomplishments in this current and future issues!

Best wishes,

Razan Al Mubarak,
President of IUCN

IUCN Magazine - Razan Al Mubarak

Grethel Aguilar,
Acting Director General of IUCN

Magazine - Grethel Aguilar portrait