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IUCN’s work covers a diverse range of issues and projects in more than 50 countries and in communities all over the world. You can explore our work here by using the search boxes or browse through the alphabetical list.

Bulgaria Rhodope Mountains Photo: Nikola Belopitov/Pixabay

Early Career Group

Nicholas Bryner, Chair Bio note [[{"fid":"86022","view_mode":"portrait_book_cover","fields":{"format":"portrait_book_cover","...


ECOLEX (www.ecolex.org) has been designed to be the most comprehensive global source of information on national and international environmental law. It is a...


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Ecosystem Services

The earth’s ecosystems provide various services which are crucial for human well-being and economic development (e.g., supporting soil formation; providing...

Ecosystem-based adaptation

Functioning globally through IUCN Country Offices (and the Washington D.C. Office), Members, and partners, IUCN promotes the use of biodiversity and ecosystem...
Mekong Floods 2008 Photo: Rob McWilliam

Ecosystem-based Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change magnifies the existing risks and vulnerabilities associated with disasters, due to changing patterns of some hazards and due to increased...
EPIC Thailand Photo: Camille Buyck

Environment and Disasters

Ecosystems for resilience in the face of disasters and climate change The increasing incidence and severity of disasters such as hurricanes, floods and...
Guards in Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo Photo: IUCN Photo Library / © Jim Thorsell

Environment and Peace

Theme Chairs Elaine Hsiao Bio Galeo Saintz Bio Environment and peace are...
March for Science Photo: Pixalbay

Environmental Education

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Rice manual threshing in Mauritania Photo: © IUCN / Ibrahim Thiaw


Klaus Bosselmann, Chair Bio note [[{"fid":"85853","view_mode":"portrait_book_cover","fields":{"format":"portrait_book_cover","field_file_image_alt_text[...


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