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IUCN’s work covers a diverse range of issues and projects in more than 50 countries and in communities all over the world. You can explore our work here by using the search boxes or browse through the alphabetical list.

New Coral Growing on Old Photo: Henry Wolcott

Climate Change and Oceans

Ocean Warming Ocean warming may well turn out to be the greatest hidden challenge of our generation. Up to now, the ocean has shielded us from the worst...
Climate change impacts on Koh Kapik Community Photo: © IUCN Cambodia

Climate change in Asia

While the impacts of climate change will be felt globally, experts recognise that Asia will be among the hardest hit. Low lying and crowded coastal cities in...
Cerknica depression in Slovenia Photo: IUCN Photo Library / © Luka Dakskobler

Climate change in Europe

Paris - and after After two weeks of intense discussions, nearly 200 countries reached the historic Paris Climate Agreement in December 2015. The...
Floods in Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga, Spain) in 2004 Photo: Sonsoles San Román

Climate change in the Mediterranean

The critical factors that will constrain the conservation of natural resources can be multiple and varied depending on the geographical, economic and social...
Lebanon - Akkar Region Photo: SPNL

Climate change in West Asia

The West Asia region's climate-related work focuses on the link between water and climate change and it has a number of projects in this area. 
Seaweed farming in Ninh Tinh commune, Viet Nam, is incorporated into local governance models for coastal reefs and managed marine areas Photo: © James Hardcastle

Coastal and marine ecosystems

Three quarters of the world’s population living in vulnerable coastal zones call Asia home. IUCN works to reduce the risks posed to coastal communities by...
RESPECC Photo: Nigel Crawhall

Commission on Environmental, Economic, Social Policy and Climate Change

As the planet enters into difficult and in some cases irreversible climate and environmental changes, Faith-based organisations and networks are taking much of...
Songpan City in China Photo: Jim Thorsell

Compliance and Enforcement

Jean Philippe Rivaud, Chair Bio note [[{"fid":"84079","view_mode":"portrait_book_cover","fields":{"format":"portrait_book_cover","...
Conservation areas and species Photo: IUCN Photo Library / © Alicia Wirz

Conservation Areas and Species

The CAS programme draws on evidence-based and best practice approaches to enhance the conservation and management of biodiversity and ecosystems in Eastern and...

Conserving Threatened Species

Human activities are causing the extinction of species on Earth at a rate that far exceeds the pace of natural extinction. Habitat degradation, pollution,...


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