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IUCN’s work covers a diverse range of issues and projects in more than 50 countries and in communities all over the world. You can explore our work here by using the search boxes or browse through the alphabetical list.

Sargasso Sea Photo: © Don Kincaid

Oceans, Coasts, and Coral Reefs

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Other Work

Learn more Palm oil and biodiversity conservation Synthetic Biology and Biodiversity Conservation Economics of Forest Land Restoration Ecosystem...
Lago Titicaca Photo: Emilio Cobo - UICN

Past Projects

Peer networks

IUCN must therefore work in synergy with the numerous other networks which have remits touching into conservation, biodiversity, and sustainability. Foremost...
Dhows in Socotra Islands. Photo: Abdel Kuri

People and the Ocean

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Stateless women weaving Nypa thatch Ban Lam Poo (2) Photo: Somsak Soonthornnawaphat

People in Nature (PiN)

Chair : Helen Suich   The factors that shape material and cultural uses of biodiversity are key to PiN analyses, which will focus initially on people’...
Woman weaving a basket Photo: IUCN / Ger Bergkamp

People in Nature (PiN)

The People in Nature (PiN) Knowledge Basket (formerly Human Dependence on Nature, or HDN) provides a process of systematic data collection, analysis and...
UN logo Photo: UN

Permanent Observer Mission to the UN

IUCN maintains a formally accredited permanent observer mission to the UN in New York. IUCN also has designated representatives for the United Nations...
Crocus Photo: raz1940 et Charlotte CC BY-NC 2.0


Plants and the products derived from them, such as food, fuel, fibres and building materials have huge economic importance to humans. Many medicinal products...
Antarctica Photo: Carl Gustaf Lundin

Polar Activities

IUCN unites its polar and marine work under one programme. Fragile polar ecosystems require urgent attention particularly in the face of expanding human...


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