Wildlife Times newsletter

The February 2011 issue features a community-based anti-poaching operation. Published by CEC member Mangal Man Shakya of Nepal.

CEC member Mangal Man Shakya of Nepal is Editor of Wildlife Times


Participatory approach has been the key for development in recent times. The participation of local people for any developmental activities is a necessity in today's time as the traditional knowledge with modern entities is basis for progress. Community Based Anti-Poaching operation (CBAPO) is an initiation by the local youths residing in Buffer Zones and Community Forests in and around National Parks who work voluntarily to curb illegal wildlife trades and support park authorities in anti poaching operation. CBAPO is a concept for control of poaching where the local people are involved in awareness development and anti-poaching operation.

CBAPO has been actively working for Anti Poaching Operation by assisting the authorities of National Parks. They are vigorously involved in control of poaching and public awareness. They are playing crucial role in generating awareness to the public and providing information to enforcement agencies to control wildlife crime. It is necessary that more people are aware about such initiatives so that people at local level are motivated for such activities. With sufficient funding and training programs, CBAPO can be the best solution for anti poaching operation on local level. Full story >>

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