Climate Change has the IPCC – does biodiversity need IPBES?

Momentum is building around the establishment of "IPBES" (Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services). This would work for biodiversity in a similar way that the IPCC does for climate change, supporting governments and other decision-makers with information to make decisions in response to the best available science, and not just political interests or rhetoric.


Much still needs to be agreed on, such as, is it the best way to improve biodiversity decision-making? how might it work? How will it be managed? Who will contribute with the relevant data? Some of these questions will be answered at a meeting convened by UNEP on 5-9 October, in Nairobi.

A major input for this meeting will be a document that analyzes the existing mechanisms and institutional gaps for making data and scientific information on biodiversity and ecosystems available to decision-makers. The “Gap Analysis” is open for comments by all stakeholders, including civil society until May 15. This is a unique opportunity for civil society to insert its views, particularly on the need for a credible, legitimate and relevant scientific interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services. The document can be downloaded at along with the instructions for reviewers.

Do not miss this opportunity to shape the future of biodiversity decision-making!

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Global Policy
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