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IUCN SSC Bison Specialist Group Chair: Glenn Plumb 

North America


Red List Authority Coordinators: Wanda Olech

The purpose of the IUCN SSC Bison Specialist Group (Europe section) is to help and take part in all conservation plans in Europe, promote opportunities for discussion (annual conferences and webpage) and advice decision makers about European bison

European Bison Website
2016-2017 Bison (Europe) SG Report

North America

Red List Authority Coordinator: Greg Wilson

The purpose of the Bison Specialist Group (BSG) (North America section) is to contribute scientific evidence-based support for development and implementation of comprehensive and viable strategies and management actions to improve conservation and achieve ecological restoration of the American Bison (Bison bison) including Plains Bison (Bison bison bison) and Wood Bison (Bison bison athabascae) where feasible throughout the original range of each subspecies.

2016-2017 Bison (North America) SG Report

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