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Environmental Education

IUCN CEC Environmental Education Specialist Group will showcase and support the findings of IUCN Commissions through educational products that are more accessible to a wider public.
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Firas T. Abd-Alhadi Photo: IUCN Firas T. Abd Alhadi

Specialist Group Chair

Email: Firas Abd Alhadi


Who is the target group of the Specialty Group?

  • Envirnmental educators
  • Cnservationists
  • Organizatins with environmental awareness and education programs 

What are the strategic goals of the Specialty Group until 2020?

  • Establish working relationships with the other Commissions in IUCN.
  • Establish working relationships with environmental organizations like UNEP, GEF, EEA, GGGI, Biodiversity International, WWF, BirdLife International.
  • Prduce and disseminate environmental education content and guidelines.
  • Becme acknowledged within IUCN (Secretariat and Commissions) as a long-term group responsible for creating environmental education content and guidelines.

Who would like to attract to the Specialty Group (=members with what profile)?

  • Members practicing envirnmental awareness and education activities.
  • Members experienced in dcumenting environmental activities.
  • Members experienced in develping environmental education material.

Are there any connections that you visualize/foresee with other commissions?  If yes, please specify.

With environmental education being a common interest of all Commissions, there should be active connections with other Commissions primarily CEM, SSC and WCPA. The outputs of the Commissions serve as inputs for the work of the Environmental Education Speciality Group and the outputs of this Group would in turn showcase and support the findings of those Commissions through educational products that are more accessible to a wider public.

What are the main expected products of the Specialty Group?

  • Guidelines for conducting, documenting and synthesizing environmental education activities.
  • A story book with lessons learnt from environmental education activities.
  • Comic books based on the story book.

How would you communicate the results of your Specialty Group?

The products can be disseminated through website, the Union Portal, facebook, twitter, blog, posters and videos showing the process, as well as presentations and emails.

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