Ecosystem Management

Improved governance for sustainable land management

Through the Global Drylands Initiative, IUCN seeks to promote natural resource governance, by communities and government, is strengthened to support large-scale adoption of sustainable dryland management.

The key targets (2020) under this result area include:

  • ½ million hectares of drylands are under improved governance that supports and enables Sustainable Land Management practices and contributes towards Land Degradation Neutrality
  • Inter-ministerial mechanisms for coordinated dryland development enable improved decision-making in 10 countries
  • A monitoring system is implemented in 5 countries to evaluate the links between governance outcomes and environmental and livelihood impacts

Further, IUCN is developing global tools and policies for improved governance, through publication of a toolkit for implementing the FAO “Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure” and through input to development of SDG indicators. IUCN also supports UNCCD to develop National Voluntary Targets for Land Degradation Neutrality as well as leading the revision of Jordan and SADC’s Action Programmes to Combat Desertification. This work is aligned with IUCN’s Natural resource Governance Framework.

A review of IUCN’s work entitled “The Governance of Rangelands: collective action for sustainable pastoralism” has been published by Routledge.

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