Ecosystem Management

Regional Initiatives

Virtually all of IUCN’s regions have been faced with disasters to varying degrees: oil spills in the Mediterranean, conflict-related disaster in Eastern Africa, slow on-set drought-related disaster in several regions of Africa, rising sea waters in Oceania, earthquakes and landslides in Pakistan and China, the 2005 tsunami and recurrent hurricanes and typhoons in Central America and Asia. Many IUCN regional offices have developed guidelines, reports and partnerships with disaster management authorities. Other initiatives in this field include IUCN Asia’s Ecosystems and Livelihoods Programme (ELP) and developing training materials integrating disaster reponse into environmental planning. IUCN Asia-ELP is also leading a regional effort to define an operational framework for assessing resilience, together with WWF-Asia and the Stockholm Environment Institute.  

Find out about our Pacific Mangrove Initiative and its Mangrove Ecosystems for Climate Change Adaptation and Livelihoods (MESCAL) Project

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