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Tools & studies

This section provides a number of tools for researchers and students working on elephants, as well as for decision makers involved in elephant conservation.


The following in-depth studies and tools are available: 


Studying Elephants

Edited by Kadzo Kangwana

Written largely by AfESG members, this 1996 AWF book focuses on methods to study elephants in the wild - including census methods, radio-collaring and satellite tracking, studying elephant behaviour and vocalizations, etc. The book has been made available on this website, both in English and in French, with kind permission from the African Wildlife Foundation.


PDF iconStudying Elephants (English)
PDF iconStudying Elephants (French)


Elephant News Service

If you would like to keep up to date with current issues in elephant conservation as reported by the press, subscribe to the free African Elephant News Listserv, an initiative of Save the Elephants. To subscribe, please contact 



A glossary of elephant terms is available from Elephant Voices.


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