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About the African Elephant Library

The African Elephant Library is a collaboration between the AfESG and Save the Elephants (STE). The AEL includes references on the biology, ecology and management of the African elephant.

The AEL is a cooperative venture. The continuing interest and support of active researchers, as well as access to government and research offices, donor agency offices and university, help to keep this an up to date and relevant resources.



The African Elephant Conservation Fund of the US Fish & Wildlife Service provided funding for the initial development. 

Since then, the database has been ably maintained by Mary Dwyer Rigby who has written the bibliographic descriptions for a huge number of the entries.  Until 2014, the bibliography was housed at the Chebucto Community Net, Halifax, Canada.  Deepest thanks are due to Mary, Carie Gates, Johnathan Thibodeau and Doug Rigby for their maintenance of these systems. 

In 2014, the AEL was migrated to a new system, utilizing the Zotero research tool.  The paper copies at the AfESG offices were scanned by Francis Ngesa, who was supported by a grant from SWAN International. 



Most articles, a number of books, and some reports may be obtained from university libraries or through an inter library loan service. Journal articles published since 2005 are located by their "document object identifier"(doi), if available.

The majority of referenced material is held by both the AfESG and Save the Elephants in Nairobi, Kenya. Both collections are publicly available. Please contact the agencies directly to review the full documents you are unable to locate elsewhere.

Paper copies not on file in these offices are referenced if available where they were seen, for example, Location: Cambridge University, England.

Post 2005 journal articles that can be accessed by a "doi" are referenced as:
Location: doi: 10.1016/j.biocon.2006.08.002

Articles published in Pachyderm can be accessed here



The initial material consisted of almost 1800 titles located in libraries in or near Nairobi, including those of Iain Douglas-Hamilton, the AfESG, the National Museums of Kenya, and the United Nations Environment Programme.

Additional material was collected from authors, research agencies, government offices and libraries in Southern and Eastern Africa, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the United States and Canada. To date, the best sources of material have been from the following university libraries:

Oxford and Cambridge, England;
Wayne State in Detroit, Michigan;
Davis Campus of the U of California;
McGill and Guelph, Canada; and
Witwatersrand, Onderstepoort and UNISA (Pretoria), South Africa,

and the libraries of the:

National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi;
National Museum of Natural History, Paris;
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science, Brussels;
Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren; and
Transvaal Museum, Pretoria.

Since the initial data push, the AfESG and STE have continued to collect information through their work. 


Other resources

There are a number of other wonderful resources available, and they are listed here:

  • Hezy Shoshani's Library Endowed Collection is held at the Science and Engineering Library at Wayne State University. A trip to Detroit is incomplete without a visit.


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