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Below is the full list and contact details for all IUCN SSC Fish Groups.  

The menu on the left provides links to the groups who have websites. The individual groups listed host their websites on the IUCN site.  For the externally hosted websites of other Fish Groups please click on “Other Specialist Groups”.

Rainbow fishIUCN/WI Freshwater Fish Specialist Group

Chair:  Richard Sneider
Programme Officer: Ian Harrison 
Red List Authority Coordinators: Jörg Freyhof (Europe, Africa, South West Asia and Middle East) and Rajeev Raghavan (Southern, Northern and Eastern Asia, Oceania)


Anguilla anguillaAnguillid Eel Specialist Group

Chair: Matthew Gollock 
Red List Authority Coordinator: David Jacoby




Grouper FishGrouper and Wrasse Specialist Group

Co-Chairs:  Yvonne Sadovyand Matthew Craig
Red List Authority Coordinator: Matthew Craig



Mola molaMarine Fishes Red List Authority

Red List Authority Co-Coordinators: Kent E. Carpenter and Beth Polidoro



Salmon leaping at the Falls of Shinn

Salmon Specialist Group

Chair: Pete Rand
Red List Authority Coordinator:  Steven Weiss



Boesemania microlepidotusSciaenid Red List Authority

Red List Authority Co-Coordinators: Ning Labbish Chao and Min Liu 


Hippocampus Hippocampus (Short-snouted seahorse)Seahorse, Pipefish & Stickleback Specialist Group

Chair: Amanda Vincent
Red List Authority Coordinator: Riley Pollom


A Leopard Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum), Great Barrier ReefShark Specialist Group (sharks and rays)

Co-Chairs: Nick Dulvy and Colin Simpfendorfer 
Programme Officer: Riley Pollom
Red List Authority Coordinator: Peter Kyne



Nemipteridae - Scolopsis aurataSnapper, Seabream & Grunt Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Barry Russell and Ken Lindeman
Red List Authority Coordinator: Barry Russell


SturgeonSturgeon Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Phaedra Doukakis  and Arne Ludwig
Red List Authority Coordinator:  Arne Ludwig



Bluefin tunaTuna and Billfish Specialist Group

Chair: Bruce Collette
Red List Authority Coordinator: Beth Polidoro


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