Hantana Mountain Range Environmental Protection Area

Hantana is threatened with land degredation

Project title: Biodiversity baseline survey in the Hantana Mountain Range Environmental Protection Area

Location: Hantana, Kandy, Central Province of Sri Lanka

Duration: 2013

Project Background: Situated approximately four kilometres southwest of Kandy city, biodiversity rich Hanthana Mountain Range extends over the Gangavata, Pathahevaheta, Uda Palata and Deltota Divisional Sectaries Divisions. Hantana Mountain Range was declared an Environmental Protection Area (EPA) and at present, the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has the jurisdiction to manage and exercise powers over the EPA. In order to manage and conserve the Hantana EPA effectively, availability of a management plan was vital. To fulfill this need, it was necessary to consider the biodiversity of the site.

With efforts to highlight the ecological and socio-economic importance of the Hantana Mountain EPA and minimise threats and pressures, a biodiversity assessment was undertaken by Central Environmental Authority in partnership with IUCN Sri Lanka.

Objectives of the project:

  • Identify sensitive habitats and biodiversity within the area
  • Provide management recommendations with the objective of developing a comprehensive management plan for the area


  • Identified and reported diversity (animal and plant species) and potential threats these faced
  • Importance for ecotourism highlighted by enhancing nature trails
  • Produced maps of biodiversity (ecosystems, species) and physical attributes of the area
  • Produced and disseminated recommendations to conserve biodiversity and enhance ecotourism within the Hanthana EPA

Donor: Central Environmental Authority (CEA)

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