Action on the ground

Of the over 96,500 species assessed on The IUCN Red List, more than 26,840 are threatened with extinction, demonstrating the magnitude of the extinction crisis. Optimistically this is also as a ‘wake-up call’ to society to enhance or light the flame of conservation action.  

Conservation based on sound knowledge has helped prevent extinction and improve population levels amongst species such as the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana; Humpback Whale and Arabian Oryx.

Successful intervention includes species recovery programmes, establishment of protected areas, restoration of ecosystems; control of invasive species; reintroductions; ex-situ conservation measures and effective management programs.

IUCN with partners is supporting on the ground conservation with two funding mechanisms

The IUCN Species Survival Commission is working on another major initiative:

Despite the positive achievements, conservation action needs to be increased in order to reduce biodiversity loss.

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