World Heritage

IUCN Resolutions

IUCN Members come together every four years at the World Conservation Congress to take joint decisions on the global conservation agenda. In 2012, they adopted two Resolutions in an effort to redefine priorities for IUCN’s work on World Heritage.

These Resolutions, WCC-2012-Res-046 and WCC-2012-Res-047, remain the cornerstone of the IUCN World Heritage Programme.

WCC-2012-Res-046-EN: Strengthening the World Heritage Convention
WCC-2012-Res-046-FR: Renforcer la Convention du patrimoine mondial
WCC-2012-Res-046-SP: Refuerzo de la Convencion del Patrimonio Mundial

WCC-2012-Res-047-EN: Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the context of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention
WCC-2012-Res-047-FR: Mise en oeuvre de la Declaration des NU sur les droits des peuples autochtones dans le contexte de la Convention du patrimoine mondial de l UNESCO
WCC-2012-Res-047-SP: Implementación de la Declaracion de las Naciones Unidas sobre los derechos de los pueblos indigenas en el contexto de la Convencion del Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO


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