Only 3% of the earth’s water is freshwater; about two-thirds of it is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps and we have long over-stretched this precious resource.



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  • r-pal Teravagimov

    Andrea Athanas: On Inclusive Green Growth


    November 2016 - Andrea’s programme design and fundraising role with AWF (the SUSTAIN partner leading on implementation in the Ihemi-Kilombero cluster, Tanzania) helps bring the theory of inclusive green growth (IGG) into practical projects in the field....

  • ES mapping in Puwalugu

    Blog: Local benefits highlight role of natural infrastructure in adaptive basin planning


    Written by Marloes Mul, IWMI Senior Researcher Hydrology and Water Resources Building water infrastructure such as dams contributes to economic development, food, and energy security depending on their objective.  In developing countries it is...

  • ©Pecold/Shutterstock

    Marie Parramon Gurney: On Integrated Landscape Management


    October 2016 - Marie Parramon Gurney is the lead coordinator in Africa for SUSTAIN, an initiative to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in African growth corridors with the aim of facilitating the greening of growth that is inclusive and...

Last updated - Fri, 9 Dec 2016
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