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Changing tide for the Rio Doce: bringing a river back to life 


Blog by Yolanda Kakabadse. In the long term, it pays for business to use natural resources in a way that benefits all of society. Efforts to rehabilitate the Rio Doce watershed in Brazil following the 2015 mining disaster are a case in point, writes Yolanda Kakabadse, Chair of the Rio Doce Panel, which will provide advice on the restoration efforts, as the 8th World Water Forum opens in Brasilia this week.


  • Óscar Méndez representative from the Costa Rican Government for the Permanent Binational Commission (Costa Rica-Panama) Photo: IUCN
  • moa Photo: IUCN

    Blog: World Water Forum 8: a pivotal space for sharing projects, knowledge and experiences on water


    By Sankara Bassonon Begnakiré Sandrine - The World Water Forum is the world’s most important conference on water related projects, ideas and plans for the future. A week dedicated to the reflection on a delicate subject that has significant consequences for everyone's life and that should be approached with caution.

  • Harvesting Rice Photo: Hoang Tran/Shutterstock

    Blog: WWF8 – A Nature Based Forum?


    By Raphael Glémet - Was my second WWF an easy downstream cruise or an arduous upstream paddle? I attended the 8th World Water Forum, in the unique city of Brasilia and, as last time, I felt overwhelmed by the number of participants and the big machine that it was.

  • WWF8 Photo: IUCN

    Conference of Judges and Prosecutors on Water Justice WWF8


    The Conference of Judges and Prosecutors on Water Justice at the 8th WWF brought together over 140 participants from over 60 countries to engage in high-level discussions on the management, use, and protection of freshwater resources. The historical event culminated with the Brasilia Declaration of Judges on Water Justice providing a set of ten principles for guiding the legal community for the protection of water and water ecosystems.

  • Lake Titicaca Photo: Carla Vaucher

    Blog: #ComparthilhandoAgua, not just a hashtag


    By Emilio Cobo - Taking part in an environmental international Forum is always exciting, even more so if it is the largest water-related event on the planet: the World Water Forum. What is South American`s role in the global water agenda?

  • pelle Photo: Pelle Bagesund

    Blog: World Water Forum 8 - Insights from a newcomer


    By Pelle Bagesund - As a participant at the World Water Forum I was most interested in presentations related to ecosystem valuation and payment for ecosystem services (PES).

  • 1st WCEL International Water Justice Moot Court Students, judges, and organizers of the 1st WCEL International Water Justice Moot Court at the 8th World Water Forum Photo: 8th World Water Forum

    1st WCEL International Water Justice Moot Court in Brasília


    As the lead coordinator of the Conference of Judges and Prosecutors on Water Justice during the 8th World Water Forum, the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law with the Global Judicial Institute on the Environment organized the 1st WCEL International Water Justice Moot Court.

  • Aerial view of Brazilian rainforest Photo: Shutterstock\Filipe Frazao

    Blog: The shape of water - reflections from the 8th World Water Forum


    By Claire Warmenbol - ‘The Shape of Water’, quite symbolically the title of the movie I watched on route to Brasilia for the 8th World Water Forum, reminded me (much like the Avatar movie) about the mystery, strength and silence of nature…and the need for people to speak up for it, so as to protect and preserve it.

  • Sobradinho Hydroelectric reservoir in northeast Brazil Sobradinho Hydroelectric reservoir in northeast Brazil at very low water capacity during the drought in 2015. Photo: Marcello Casal Jr Agência Brasil CC3.0

    IUCN Director General's statement on World Water Day 2018


    From Cape Town to Bangalore, water shortages are a growing global menace, driven by rising demand worldwide and a warming climate. As the search for practical, cost-effective solutions intensifies, we cannot afford to ignore the important contribution nature offers to addressing the global water crisis. This is why the critical role of nature-based solutions is highlighted as the theme of this year’s World Water Day.

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