• A river in Garamba national park Garamba national park, Democratic Republic of Congo Photo: IUCN / David Sheppard

    IUCN deplores ranger deaths in Garamba National Park


    IUCN deplores the deaths of rangers Joël Meriko Ari and Sergent Bolimola Afokao of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The two rangers were killed in the line of duty on 11 April in Garamba National Park during a fire fight with poachers...

  • Lion (Panthera leo) Lion (Panthera leo), listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List  Photo: © Patrick Meier II

    New IUCN programme to help carnivores and humans coexist across Africa


    Protecting lions, cheetahs and other iconic African species by helping local communities coexist with these predators is the goal of a new 12 million euro programme, funded by the European Commission, to be managed by IUCN’s SOS - Save Our Species initiative...

  • The Arctic provides critical habitat for threatened species such as polar bears. Photo: © Ralph Lee Hopkins, National Geographic Creative

    IUCN World Heritage report stresses urgency of protecting the Arctic from ships and oil as ice melts


    Monaco, 4 April 2017 (IUCN) – The Arctic Ocean urgently needs protection as melting sea ice is opening up previously inaccessible areas to activities such as shipping, bottom trawl fishing and oil exploration, according to a scientific report launched today...

  • Fishkeepers, scientists and fishermen lead by Alain Crivelli from the Station biologique de la Tour Valat in France, walk up a riverbed devasted by floods. Monitoring a riverbed devasted by floods, which can wipe out marble trout populations.  Photo: IUCN Photo Library © Luka Dakskobler

    Experts call for more collaboration and investment in biodiversity monitoring


    More investment in on-the-ground monitoring of biodiversity is needed to produce data that can improve environmental decision making and conservation action, according to a letter published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment by...

  • Bururi Forest Nature Reserve, Burundi Bururi Forest Nature Reserve, Burundi Photo: Léonidas NZIGIYIMPA

    Bururi: the link between heaven and earth


    The Bururi Forest Nature Reserve in Burundi was previously considered to be the link between heaven and earth. The ancient Burundians attached great importance to forest conservation, especially mountain forests. Several mountain forests were protected...

  • Manta ray Manta ray Photo: IUCN Photo Library / © Jean-Louis Ferretti

    Turning the tide for devil rays


    Manta rays are graceful, iconic marine animals sought out by scuba divers around the globe. Far less well-recognised are the devil rays, a group of nine species that are closely related to manta rays and are indistinguishable to all except experts. While the...

  • Vulture being released Vulture being released Photo: © Sakib Ahmad/IUCN

    Rehabilitated Himalayan griffon vultures released


    IUCN Bangladesh with the support of Bangladesh Forest Department established the country’s first-ever Vulture Rescue Centre in November 2016. The centre has successfully rescued and rehabilitated eight Himalayan Griffons and released the vultures back to the...

  • Calf with its mother at Bagkhali Reserved Forest, Bangladesh Calf with its mother at Bagkhali Reserved Forest, Bangladesh. © IUCN / Mohar Ali Photo: © IUCN / Mohar Ali

    Blog: Bangladesh has 268 wild elephants. What does it mean to us?


    On this year’s International Day of Forests (21 March), the Government of Bangladesh has unveiled two new publications on Asian Elephants in the country. These books reveal the latest estimates of Bangladesh’s elephants along with their distribution, routes,...

  • Bengal Florican Bengal Florican Photo: © Jonathan Eames

    Protecting the Critically Endangered Bengal florican in Cambodia


    With funds from a number of organisations, including the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), a grant-making mechanism led by IUCN in the Indo-Burma hotspot, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Cambodia is contributing towards conserving the...

  • . Photo: .

    Madagascar's youth speak up for lemurs on #WorldWildlifeDay


    Multimedia feature.  The futures of Madagascar's youth and its lemurs are intertwined. In a country where 60% of the population is under 25, widespread poverty is driving unsustainable use of natural resources such as forests and wetlands. This is...


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