Freshwater Conservation Sub-Committee

The Freshwater Conservation Sub-Committee (FCSC) was established in 2010 in order for the SSC to urgently address the global freshwater biodiversity crisis. The FCSC’s main activities are:

(1) coordination of freshwater species conservation activities through the SSC, to highlight emerging patterns and to ensure that increasing attention is given to issues concerning freshwater biodiversity conservation;

(2) to make recommendations to the SSC based on the work of the FCSC;

(3) to ensure freshwater species conservation issues are aligned within the SSC and the wider IUCN;

(4) to assist the SSC by providing authority and credibility in its engagement with policy processes and major freshwater related events;

(5) to raise the awareness and increase the profile of the freshwater biodiversity crisis. 

Topilztin Contreras MacBeath

Co-ChairTopiltzin Contreras MacBeath

Email: Topiltzin Contreras



Ian HarrisonCo-Chair: Ian Harrison

Email: Ian Harrison




Reports of FCSC meetings and a list of members are posted on the Union Portal accessible to all Portal users.

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