SSC Committees

Committees are established by the SSC Chair, in consultation with the SSC Steering Committee, to govern a specific portion of the SSC network or SSC's activities. Currently there are six Committees.


freshwater_conservation_sub_committee_logoFreshwater Conservation Committee (FCSC)

The FCSC was established in 2010 in order for the SSC to urgently address the global freshwater biodiversity crisis. Read more

Co-Chairs: Topiltzin Contreras MacBeath and Ian Harrison
2016-2017 Freshwater Conservation Sub-Committee Report

ICSC logoInvertebrate Conservation Committee (ICSC)

The ICSC was established in 2005 to tackle the enormous challenge of how to manage conservation action for the most species rich taxonomic grouping on Earth. Read more

Chair: Axel Hochkirch
2016-2017 Invertebrate Conservation SC Report

Juvenile green sea turtle swimming in shallow coral reefMarine Conservation Committee (MCSC)

The Marine Conservation Committee (MCC) aims to ensure that decisions taken by policy-makers and resource managers on the management of marine resources are based on sound and scientific knowledge.Read more

Chair: Amanda Vincent

Orchid in the tropical cloud forest of Mindo, EcuadorPlant Conservation Committee (PCSC)

The PCSC leads IUCN's efforts in stemming the loss of global plant diversity through its wide-ranging network of plant conservationists. Read more

Co-Chairs: John Donaldson and Domitilla Raimondo

Asturias, SpainStandards and Petitions Committee (SPSC)

The SPSC is responsible for ensuring the quality and standards of the IUCN Red List and for ruling on petitions against the listings of species on the IUCN Red List. Read more

Chair: Resit Akçakaya
2016-2017 Standars and Petitions SC Report

Red List logoThe Red List Committee

The Red List Committee oversees and guides the work of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) on biodiversity assessments. Read more

Chair: Jonathan Hutton

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