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People in Nature (PiN)

An IUCN knowledge basket on the interrelationships between people and nature.
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The People in Nature (PiN) Knowledge Basket (formerly Human Dependence on Nature, or HDN) provides a process of systematic data collection, analysis and documentation for landscape level assessment of people’s material uses of nature as well as symbolic interrelationships with nature expressed through cultural narratives, language, tradition and spiritual values. These assessments are relevant in areas where species provide essential inputs into local livelihood strategies and can be used to inform community management plans, conservation policy and development processes. CEESP, the Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy is working in partnership with the IUCN Secretariat to develop the technical aspects of PiN.

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People in nature : valuing the diversity of interrelationships between people and nature

Davidson-Hunt, Iain J. (Iain Johnson), Meijer, Seline S., Olsen, Nathalie, Suich, Helen

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