Science and Economics

Knowledge standards

The Science & Economic Knowledge Team contributes to the development, standards, integration, and sustainability of six knowledge products based on existing or emerging IUCN standards

For more information about each of the knowledge products, see their individual web portals:

1) The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species which assesses risk of species extinction.

2) The IUCN Red List of Ecosystems which assesses risk of ecosystem collapse.

3) Key Biodiversity Areas which assesses sites contributing significantly to the global persistence of biodiversity.

4) Protected Planet which assesses protected areas.

5) People in Nature (PiN, formerly The Human Dependency on Nature Framework, in inception phase).

6) The Natural Resource Governance Framework (in inception phase).

This supports a decision taken by the IUCN Council (the organisation's governing body). It requests the Director General to engage in discussions with the World Bank, other International Financial Institutions and interested governments, to seek sustained investment in the development and maintenance of the knowledge products and their underlying data.

This should take place in full consultation with the IUCN Commissions, IUCN Member organisations and collaborating partners, which are involved in the development and maintenance of the knowledge products. 

These knowledge products are supported by standards, processes, relationships, capacity-building, and tools, in ‘baskets of knowledge’ mobilised through IUCN.

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