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PARKS - The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation is published by IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). It is published twice a year as an online, open-access and peer reviewed journal.

PARKS is indexed in Scopus, the world’s largest bibliographic database of peer-reviewed scientific literature. All papers published from 2017 onwards will be included in the Scopus database.

You can find the issues below or through the PARKS Journal website. To contribute to PARKS please contact the editor and follow the IUCN WCPA Parks Author guidelines

PARKS Special Issue on OECMS June 2018 Photo: IUCN

PARKS Journal 24 Special Issue on OECMs June 2018

The Special Issue of PARKS The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation focuses on the topic of 'Other  Effective Area-based Conservation Measures' (OECMs) as described in Aichi Target 11. The Special Issue provides an overview of the process being undertaken to develop technical guidance on OECMs and contains eight case studies of 'potential OECMs'. The case studies cover all four governance types and include experiences from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya and South Africa. 

The Special Edition was published just prior to the 22nd meeting of the CBD's Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice  (SBSTTA22) where discussions on OECMs was on the agenda.

PARKS May 2018 Photo: IUCN

PARKS Journal 24.1 May 2018

Issue 24.1 contains a diverse set of papers from Africa, the Arab States, South Asia and North America as well as more globally focussed papers on issue of protected area policy and management. Papers in the issue address, amongst other topics, monitoring of marine protected, research priorities for protected areas, collaborative management, reporting on Biosphere reserves in the Arab-MAB network and the legal potential to use legal recognition of sacred natural sites as an effective tool for conservation of nature.


PARKS Journal 23.2 Photo: PARKS Journal 23.2

PARKS Journal 23.2 November 2017
Articles in this issue span the usual broad spectrum of issues of relevance to protected area professionals. At an international policy level papers consider the status and prospects for achieving Aichi biodiversity target 11 and whether the developing clarity around ‘other effective area based conservation measures’ or OECMs will make a positive contribution to recognition and support for territories and areas conserved by Indigenous peoples and local communities (ICCAs).

Other papers examine patterns of forest loss in Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique and a case study of organisational change in a protected area agency in Saint Lucia, West Indes.  This issue also addresses twitter use by seven park agencies in North America that was examined over two time periods to determine how use of this social media is evolving, while another paper presents a case study on using remotely sensed imagery to monitor impacts of feral horses on vegetation in Australia’s alpine parks.

This issue also sees the introduction of book reviews for the first time, with four recent books on protected areas reviewed. Sadly, the issue also contains an obituary for Wayne Lotter, whose targeted killing in Tanzania in August shocked and saddened the conservation world.

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