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2015 Newsletters (to 2014, 20132012)

December 2015: Responding to Climate Change

Fifty shades of green? UNFCCC Paris COP21; Inspiring place: Parc Marin Mohéli, Comoros; Bill Ballantine, a pioneer of marine reserve protection; Restored native dunes protect against climate change effects in New Zealand; BIOPAMA: How to support political actors in reaching their conservation goals ; WORLD HERITAGE: IUCN salutes new UNESCO status for Global Geoparks; The IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 wins the Award for Best Meeting or Conference 2015 in Australia; African Solutions in a rapidly changing world; Proceedings from Stream 3: Improving Health and Well-being; The revised draft Standard for the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas still open for consultation. View the full newsletter

November 2015: Improving health and well-being

New leadership at the WCPA; Health and well-being; Beyond Uluru; Dr Matti Helminen's legacy to conservation; Blue Ventures, Madagascar; BIOPAMA observatories in the Solomon Islands; The revised draft Standard for the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas; Video: how World Heritage can protect the high seas; Parks for the Planet Forum in Salzburg; Natural Solutions: Protected Areas are vital for human health and well-being; PARKS journal 21.2; Capacity development materials for protected areas law; Call for Blue Solutions; The proceedings of the Improving Health and Well-being; Conservation and development – finding community-led solutions in Tanzania’s Saadani National Park; IUCN at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21 - UNFCCC).  View full newsletter

October 2015: Marine Protected Areas

A sea of change, new global commitments to oceans and sustainability; Community based conservation in Vamizi Island, Mozambique; Anne Walton, NOAA; Placing Marine resource management in local hands, Vietnam; Capacity development course inspires academic institutions; Global consultaion on the IUCN Green List performance standard; The silent invaders threatening natural World Heritage; Reminder of the Marine Chapter of the new Protected Area Governance and Management book; MOOC in protected area management, webinar in Ocean Parks; 3rd International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas proceedings; Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge: the finalists.  View full newsletter

September 2015: Protecting the Planet: Governance of Protected Areas

ICCAs - Recongnizing Indigenous and Community Conservation; Kayan Metarang NP, Indonesia; Remembering Bill Raynor; Village rangers in Lao PDR; Latin America commits to the Promise of Sydney: Graeme Kelleher, AO; Adapting to climate change in the North Pacific; Major step forward for the access to protected area data in the Caribbean; World Heritage UK Conference; New WCPA groups on PA governance and on Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures; IUCN World Conservation Congress; Hot off the press: Stop misuse of biodiversity offsets.  View full newsletter

August 2015: Protecting the Planet: BIOPAMA and World Ranger Day

Capacity development for protected areas takes a big step forward;"W" National Park, Burkina Faso; Young marine protected area manager conveys conservation messages through dance in St Kitts and Nevis; Capacity development for protected area management in academinc curricula; World Ranger Day; Hot off the press: An IUCN analysis of terrestrial and freshwater fauna in West and Central Africa; Hot off the web: Refreshed; Donana National Park, Spain, Green Listed; Time to protect rangers in DRC's World Heritage sites; Protected area data management tool for East Africa available; Capacity boosted for Caribbean terrestrial protected areas; Protected and conserved areas agenda advanced in the Pacific.  View full newsletter

July 2015: Protecting the Planet Newsletter: World Heritage edition

Jamaica's first World Heritage listing ups the number of natural sites to 229; Climate change and dams threaten natural World Heritage; Colombian World Heritage site comes off the 'danger list'; Kishore Rao's 40-year journey through protected areas and World Heritage; World Heritage going wild; Committee 2015 - a final word from Bonn; The obvious place to address human rights issues; New chapter for the Green List; BIOPAMA observatory for Eastern Africa established; New report tracks conservation in the Arab natural World Heritage sites; World Heritage WPC cross-cutting theme .  View full newsletter

June 2015: Protecting the Planet Newsletter: Inspiring a New Generation
Little Sydney: Bringing the World Parks Congress to Europe; Inspiring places - Sanjay Gandhi National park; Inspiring people - A new generation of conservationists; Inspiring solutions - Anything but weeds; Connecting with nature differently; Promise of Sydney: The Changemakers; Greening Europe; First intact Basilosaurus fossil discovered in Wadi Al-Hitan; Building capacity on terrestrial protected areas management; Young Professionals Marine Task Force; Hot off the press: Transboundary conservation; Inspiring a New Generation.  View full newsletter

May 2015: Protecting the Planet Newsletter: Responding to Climate Change
Mua voyage - Sailing for Sydney; 101 on climate change; Inspiring Places - Gorgona NNP, Colombia; Inspiring People - Luvuyo Mandela; Inspiring Solutions - Saloum prepares for climate change; Mexico's progress on climate change action; Little Sydney - the final countdown; IUCN recommends action for natural World Heritage sites in danger; BIOPAMA - crucial partnerships in Central Africa; Hot off the press - climate change and PAs; Innovative approaches - PAs respond to climate change..  View full newsletter

24 April 2015: Protecting the Planet Newsletter: Respecting Indigenous & Traditional Knowledge & Culture
WCPA passes conservation baton from Sydney to Hawai'i; Indigenous Peoples the talk of New York; Donau-Auen National Park, Austria; Inspiring Person - Gonzalo Oviedo; Inspiring Solutions - Tacana stance to save the Amazon; Parks Canada's 'Open Door' policy; The 1,000th World Heritage site; Blue Solutions - Looking after our oceans; BIOPAMA - Pacific partnership reinvigorated; Sign up for 'Little Sydney'; International Geoheritage gathering; Indigenous Peoples' lead the way.  View full newsletter

9 April 2015:  Protected Planet Newsletter: BIOPAMA and Capacity Development
BIOPAMA supports world database on Protected Areas; Inspiring Place - Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique; Inspiring People - Dr Georgina Bustamante; Inspiring Solutions - Trained to negotiate; The science behind key decisions; Pacific management course; World Heritage work gets renewed support;
Protected Area Governance and Management publication; Innovative approaches to Capacity Development.  View full newsletter

27 March 2015: Protecting the Planet Newsletter: Reconciling Development Changes
World water community making waves; Ocean drive to clear plastic waste; Spotlight shines on Uruguay; Inspiring people: Dr Ania Grobicki; Mekong's wish for fish; Sign up for Little Sydney; No water, no life - World Water Day; PARKS 21.1 launched; BIOPAMA: Training in data management.  View full newsletter

13 March 2015: Protecting the Planet Newsletter: Supporting Human Life
The 10 most visited Protected Areas; Eyes turn to 'Little Sydney'; Cu Lao Cham MPA, Vietnam; Dealing with natural disasters; Dealing with floods in Guatemala; Mangroves help save communities; Natural landscapes reduce risks; Lake Ohrid online and upstream; Improving protected area management effectiveness; Safe havens hot off the press.  View full newsletter

27 February 2015: Protecting the Planet Newsletter: Respecting Traditional Knowledge
Indigenous Elders map out the future; Sign up for the MEET project; Are you involved in a World Heritage Nomination?; BIOPAMA report on investment in protected areas; Scaling up Marine protection; Futures of Privately Protected Areas; Indigenous skills strengthen conservation; Traditional knowledge saves lives.  View full newsletter

20 January 2015: Protecting the Planet Newsletter: World Heritage Edition
Inger Andersen takes up her duties as IUCN DG; IUCN WPC 2014: E-posters now online; Worldwide voyage through marine World Heritage sites; Will Germany put natural World Heritage in the limelight in 2015?; A promise made for the future of World Heritage; IUCN World Heritage Panel meets to discuss proposed listings for 2015; Mount Huangshan: first World Heritage site on the IUCN Green List; Mission: supporting development through biodiversity conservation; Engaging local communities in stewardship of World Heritage: a methodology based on the COMPACT experience; Free 2015 World Heritage calendar.  View full newsletter


2014 Newsletters

18 December 2014 Protecting the Planet Newsletter: Inspiring conservation success

Latin America and Caribbean countries and regional programmes launch Initiative 20x20 to restore 20 million hectares of land; Perspective from the WCPA Chair and Deputy Chair on the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda; Jean Packard, widow of Fred Packard, dies at the age of 91; The vital role of protected areas in climate disaster risk reduction; Nature's heroes rewarded for work in conservation; Arakwal awarded Green List honour; Pacific Island Community Adaptive Co-management Course; Doing the right thing in protected areas: Collective statement from the Governance Stream at WPC 2014; Restauración Ecológica para Áreas Protegidas; Green-Go Short Film Competition.  View full newsletter

27 November 2014  IUCN World Parks Congress Highlights

IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 delivers major commitments to save Earth's natural areas; Catch up with the Congress highlights; World Heritage and protected areas in Myanmar: a historic step; 'Never think of yourself as separate from nature' - Baba Brinkman; The Panorama website has launched; Green List - Green is the new gold; World Heritage - First Outlook report launched; BIOPAMA - The world of protected areas in one book; Protected Planet Report 2014; Google joins the fight for sustainable fishing.  View full newsletter

12 November 2014 Once-in-a-Decade Edition

Ladies and Gents, the IUCN World Parks Congress is about to begin!; Stay up to date: daily bulletin, live streaming, follow us on social media, useful links; Tweet to join the debate.   View full newsletter

30 October 2014 Protecting the Planet Newsletter: Inspiring conservation success

Help the IUCN Red List reach a new target for species; National Geographic teams up with IUCN for WPC; Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia; Tribute to a great conservation leader: Gerardo Budowski; What is success in protected areas, and how can we better learn from it?; Become a reviewer for the IUCN Green List to be launched in Sydney!; Preparing for the protected areas event of the decade; Emergency appeal to combat escalating poaching in Garamba; A primer on governance for protected and conserved areas; Share your knowledge and expertise of anti-poaching training!; A message on protected areas at CBD COP 12.   View full Newsletter

17 October 2014 Enhancing Governance and Europe

Preventing ebola outbreaks: the benefits of conservation; WPC Programme and Promise of Sydney now live; Berlin - the value of green spaces for a sustainable future; A leading voice on protected areas at a crucial time for Europe; European protected areas of key importance in the global context; Home at last: a protected area in Georgia now under local control; New alliances to protect Fiji's Nasoata Island; Stronger governance for Lake Ohrid; Launch of Central Africa Observatory for biodiversity and protected areas; Science for Parks, Parks for Science, UC Berkeley; Better understanding of the value of nature at EUROPARC Conference.
View full newsletter

2 October 2014 Responding to Climate Change and North America

Reducing the wrath of hurricane Sandy; Destination Sydney: Mua voyage launches from Cook Islands with message on people, oceans and climate change; Mount Panié Wilderness Reserve, New Caledonia; Living dangerously: Interview with Jeff Horowitz; Marine protected areas: helping to face climate change in Madagascar; Recognising the power of wetlands; Building knowledge on invasive alien species in the Pacific; Adapting to climate change in the Andes; Mentoring for stronger management of protected areas; Help advance our knowledge on the values of protected areas.  View full Newsletter

19 September 2014 BIOPAMA Special Edition

Launch of Pacific Regional Observatory for Protected Areas and Biodiversity; IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Andros West Side National Park, Bahamas; Nick de Goede: Leading the way for transfrontier conservation areas in Southern Africa; Southern African States agree a common approach for extractive industries to consider biodiversity; The capacity challenge for biodiversity conservation and protected areas; Indonesia commits to enhance the quality of its growing marine protected area network; Reaching potential - building capacity development for protected areas; Linking past, present and future: interview with Australian Indigenous Ranger, Rita Okai; BIOPAMA@IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Negotiation skills trainings for resolving conflicts in and around protected areas in Eastern and Southern Africa.  View full newsletter

5 September 2014 Inspiring a New Generation

Making waves: Interview with Australian sailor Jessica Watson; IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Bali's secret bounty; Interview with Elaine Hsiao and Sudeep Jana; Sulawesi youth find their power in conservation; Storytelling helps understanding tiger-human conflicts; Capturing the essence of natural World Heritage:Q&A; Canoe voyage delivering key message about protected areas in the Pacific; Great haul of China; CoalitionWILD Pushing Boundaries Challenge  View full newsletter

22 August 2014 Supporting Human Life

The price of rice in Tram Chim National Park; IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Khao Sok National Park, Thailand; Interview with Gregory C. Carr; Greek fishermen approve a marine sanctuary; Protecting wetlands to sustain human life; What does it mean to care for natural World Heritage in 2014 and beyond?; Developing capacity across the regions and on to Sydney; Green List making waves in Kenya; Protected areas critical to the future of the world's drylands  View full newsletter

7 August 2014 Switzerland and Rangers

Rising murder toll of park rangers calls for tougher laws; IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Swiss National Park, Switzerland; Protected areas - the only stronghold where biodiversity can survive; The heroes who tread the thin green line; Protecting forests can save lives; Seven reasons to remember the 2014 WH Committee meeting; Learning to categorize protected areas in the Caribbean; European Wilderness Days; IUCN joins Switzerland to mark 100 years of its national park  View full newsletter

25 July 2014 Special Edition IUCN Green List

IUCN and the Green List of protected areas; deadline for booking space at the Laneway; the Green List of Protected Areas is happening in many regions; Goal in sight for Kenton Miller Award; Conservation Assured Tiger Standard; Enhancing capacity for stakeholder engagement for protected areas; Green List and World Heritage;  Green List: How does it work?; Green List: Turning dreams into reality; Green List and global standards; Green List, Trust and credibility; Making the Green List happen
View full newsletter

11 July 2014 Special Edition Marine

Fijian voyaging flagship, Uto Ni Yalo, to sail to IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Nearly 3000 participants already registered for the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Natural laboratory for marine species - Rock Islands Southern Lagoon, World Heritage site, Palau; Resort House Reefs: Maldives promote privately managed marine Areas;François Latrille, Diving Instructor, Ban’s Diving Resort, Thailand – an exemplary holiday destination; Developing negotiation skills to support protected areas decision making; Natural World Heritage reaches 228 sites, including 19 ‘in danger’; From despair to repair: dramatic decline of Caribbean corals can be reversed  View full Newsletter

26 June 2014 Special Edition : World Heritage

26 new properties added to World Heritage List; IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Iconic Okavango Delta, Botswana; New approaches to protecting the wilderness on Sydney's doorstep; Papahānaumokuākea – the Hawaiian heritage hoorah; Illegal trade puts more World Heritage sites in danger; IUCN urges excellence for World Heritage; Time to focus on the success of natural World Heritage, says IUCN; IUCN welcomes the emphatic ‘NO’ to extractives in World Heritage; The BIOPAMA Capacity Building Plan moves to action in the Bahamas; PARKS Journal 20.1  View full Newsletter

12 June 2014 Protected Planet News: Inspiring success in conservation - Oceania and World Heritage

Nature's A list to debate a sustainable future for the planet; 2 weeks left to register for the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Bikini Atoll Marshall Islands; Jean Weiner; Marine discovery weekends in Tasmania; Packard award; World Heritage Committee; Supporting african conservation messages at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014:Contribute to the Parks Journal; Second mobile seminar on tourism and protected areas; Regional forum on solutions for oceans, coasts and human well-being in Asia and the Pacific   View full Newsletter

29 May 2014 Protected Planet News: BIOPAMA Special Edition

Celebrate the unique and wonderful nature of the world's islands; Protected Area event of the decade; Kayangel, Palau; Jacqueline Evans; solutions for protected area governance in South Africa; Packard Award; Conserving nature by building bridges in the Caribbean; First global assessement of natural World Heritage; Urban Protected Areas BPG; World Heritage Committee Meeting  View full Newsletter

15 May Protected Planet News: Inspiring News for conservation

IUCN 2014 World Heritage recommendations now avaible; Don't miss the protected area event of the decade, Lake District National Parks, UK;  Rudi Putra, St Andrews prize goes to integrated conservation and healthy work in Madagascar; Packard Award; linking tourism with coastal World Heritage Sites management in Bahrein; Improving protected area governance for livelihood security and biodiversity in South Africa; toolkit for increasing climate change resilience in the Mediterranean region; WH Committee; Common approach for Green Listing of protected areas  View full newsletter

1 May Protected Planet News: Inspiring News for conservation

IUCN condemns attack on Virunga's Chief Warden; WPC: Stay involved in the world's most important protected areas event; Ile-Alatau National Park, Kazakhstan at risk; How natural infrastructure can help us adapt to climate change; Imperial Guards of Manas Tiger Reserve; Last chance to nominate this year's Kenton Miller Award; Virunga documentary premieres in New York; Assessing forest landscape restoration opportunities at the national level; World Heritage Committee; A joint meeting of the IUCN WCPA and the Stream Leaders for the IUCN World Parks Congress  View full Newsletter

17 April 2014 Protected Planet News: Inspiring News for conservation

Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity lab opens; WPC: Stay involved in the world's most important protected areas event; Socotra Archipelago, Yemen; Bill Jackson; Nusa Penida: A blue solution to learn from; Recognise innovative and inspiring people through the Kenton Miller Award - deadline for nominations is 2 May 2014; HSBC commits to further protecting World Heritage sites; Supporting decision makers on biodiversity conservation in Africa, the Caribeean and the Pacific; New IUCN app for marine invasive species in Mediterranean marine protected areas World Heritage Committee; Meso American Parks Congress  View full newsletter

3 April 2014 Protected Planet News: Inspiring News for conservation

The Green Belt of Fennoscandia;WPC: Stay involved in the world's most important protected areas event; Rahul Kumar; Kerama Islands National Park; People Power; Recognise innovative and inspiring people through the Kenton Miller Award - deadline for nominations is 2 May 2014; Clear win for species in WH Sites; Agriculture and conservation: land use-Conflict or opportunity for mutual gain; PARKS 20.1;Planning and managing tourism in protected areas; World Parks Congress holds promises for an inspired planet  View full newsletter

20 March 2014 Protected Planet News: Meso America and conservation

Governments unite to conserve iconic Saragossa sea; WPC: Stay involved in the world's most important protected areas event; Empowering local communities while protecting local natural resources – Esperanza Verde Natural Reserve, Nicaragua; Jon Hutton Aiming high: Can we reach global conservation goals?; Tackling wildlife crime; Recognise innovative and inspiring people through the Kenton Miller Award - deadline for nominations is 2 May 2014; Cultural landscapes and protected areas: Unfolding the linkages and synergies; BIOPAMA asserts vision for Caribbean protected areas: "Urban Protected Areas in 2,000 Words"; World Heritage Committee; Nepal celebrates ‘zero poaching year’ for rhino, tiger and elephant
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7 March 2014 Protected Planet Meso America and BIOPAMA

Conserving the world's biodiversity hotspots by investing in the capacity of people; WPC: Stay involved in the world's most important protected areas event; Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize; Joel Verde; World Heritage and extractive industries come together to address protected areas and land resource use conflict; Tony O'Keefe: what BIOPAMA brings to the Pacific; How World Heritage sites can bring international conservation goals to ground level; Healthy Parks Healthy People videos; IV Mesoamerican Congress on Protected Areas; Twinning agreement between Banc D'Arguin and Wadden Sea  View full Newsletter  

20 February 2014 Protected Planet News: Europe and Marine

National Parks of Montenegro becomes new IUCN member; Tursujuq National Park, Canada; Esperanza Sancho; EPIC Senegal case study: Strengthening local climate change adaptation strategies in West Africa; Contribute to the BIOPAMA Regional Observatory in West and Central Africa; Marine Mediterranean Protected Areas; Dinaric Arc 'Big Win' agreement strides forward.  View Full Newsletter

7 February 2014 Protected Planet News: Wetlands and Europe

IUCN welcomes Total's 'no-go' commitment in World Heritage Sites ; WPC: Stay involved in the world's most important protected areas event; A World Heritage sanctuary for the world's most threatened cat - Doñana National Park, Spain; A young conservation champion for Pakistan - Aziz Ahmed; MoorFutures - how regional carbon credits from peatland rewetting can help nature conservation in protected areas; Free World Heritage app; BIOPAMA to engage new cadre of Conservation Officers in Fiji; New brochure details IUCN's Commissions and inspiring people leading them; IV Mesoamerican Congress on Protected Areas; Help design the Young Professionals Group logo.  View full Newsletter

24 January 2014 Global Protected Area News

Colombia enhances marine protection; WPC field trips; Appalachian National Scenic Trail; Harvey Locke; Keeping wildlife connected in the mountain parks of Canada; Belize protected area initiative; Caribbean protected areas website; IV Mesoamerican Congress on protected areas; National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans Global Workshop.  View full newsletter

10 January 2014 IUCN World Heritage News

Welcome to 2014 with a free trip around the most beautiful places on earth; World Parks Congress logo, call for content and roles; World Heritage: beacons of inspiration; Experts advise IUCN on its position for 2014 World Heritage nominations; El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage site, Mexico; Jim Thorsell: from pioneer to veteran of IUCN's work on World Heritage; The road for entrepreneurship in African World Heritage sites; Linking Landscapes: Exploring the relationships between World Heritage cultural landscapes and IUCN protected areas; Mesoamerican Congress on Protected Areas; The WILD side of World Heritage.
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2013 Newsletters

13 December 2013 BIOPAMA Special Edition

BIOPAMA gains momentum at Pacific Islands Fora; WPC stay connected on social media; Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati; Nelson Mandela; Updated version of DOPA Explorer released; Christine Mentzel - BIOPAMA's importance for the NBSAP process in Eastern and Southern Africa; Natural Solutions: Protected areas protecting people as a tool for disaster risk reduction; Developing a Shared Vision for Improving Access to Information for Protected Areas Management in the Caribbean; Introducing Hyacinth Armstrong-Vaughn, BIOPAMA focal point for the Caribbean; Contribute before the end of the year to PARKS. View full newsletter

22 November 2013 Pacific and Oceania Special Edition

Asia Parks Congress concludes with pledge for new era in protected area collaboration; WPC registration now open; The terrestrial biodiversity jewel of Polynesia-Micronesia - Sovi Protected Area, Fiji; Collecting hope for marine protected areas – Elin Kelsey; From discussion to action in Disaster Risk Reduction at the Asia Parks Congress; BIOPAMA to contribute to upcoming Pacific fora; Myanmar seeks global standards to conserve its natural heritage; 9th Pacific Island Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas; The legal aspects of connectivity conservation; Workshop steps up refinement of protected area professional competences. View full newsletter

8 November 2013 Asia Parks Congress Special Edition

New parks rises from the ashes of the great eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami 7 days left before registration to WPC Paem Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia Dr. Shekhar Kumar Niraj Enhancing Sustainable Resource Management Capacity in Thailand Asia Parks Congress BIOPAMA addresses capacity development needs at marine conference Parks Journal 19.2 European Development Days No time to lose for our planet’s “blue heart” View full newsletter

25 October 2013

Coastal forum confirmsnature-based solutions are key for climate change adaptation,&World nearing 3% of ocean protection, Regional PA network established in the Caribbean, IUCN Goodwill Ambassador from Japan joins APC efforts, Shiretoko National Park, Japan, BIOPAMA raises awareness at African forestry and wildlife gathering, Do oceans have universal value?? IUCN identifies gaps in marine World Heritage, Guidelines for applying protected area management categories, 9th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas, Fiji, 2-6 December 2013,"A global movement of protected areas supporters comes to life", Wild-10  View full Newsletter

11 October WH Special Edition

5 Million for the largest and deepest UNESCO World Heritage Site, WPC 2014 Information brochure available, Asia Parks Congress on facebook, Chengjian Fossil Site, China,Tanja Rosen,Two dams stopped after IUCN advises against World Heritage Nomination,Keeping the outstanding exceptional: the future of World Heritage in Australia,Pacific World Heritage Workshop,Yakushima View full Newsletter

27 September 2013

Columbia makes history with huge expansion of largest national park; Registration countdown underway for IUCN WPC 2014; Why nature needs half - a preview of the next issue of PARKS journal; Kaziranga National Park, India; New publication: Social and Economic Benefits of Protected Areas - An assessment guide; BIOPAMA website goes live; Participate in Wild 10 resolutions; Report on the Professionalising PA management workshop  View full Newsletter

13 September

Ocean elders tap WCPA and IUCN for new advisors;IN MEMORIUM: Farewell, Françoise Buehenne-Guilmin; WPC MOU signed;A bird droppings biodiversity paradise – the Guano Islands and Capes National Reserve System, Peru;Dr Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend – Global Coordinator of the ICCA Consortium and principal author of Governance of Protected Areas - From understanding to action, the newest of IUCN’s Best Practice in Protected Area Guidelines; Governance of protected areas – From understanding to action; Introducing Tony O’Keeffe, new BIOPAMA focal point for the Pacific; World Forum on Natural Capital, 21 - 22 November 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland View full newsletter

23 August 2013

Thailand observes its first World Ranger Day; Register now for the Asia Parks Congress; Read an interview with Bob Peart; Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada; Call for biodiversity conservation projects in the Indo-Burma Hotspot; Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas and climate change; Third International Marine Protected Areas Congress, 21-25 October 2013, Marseille, France  View full newsletter

15 August 2013

Iraq's first national park announced; IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 website goes live; IUCN celebrates World Ranger Day, as Prince William salutes park rangers’ “brave and tireless work”; The Serengeti of the East - East Daurian Steppe, Mongolia; New private protected area study underway; Europarc Conference 2013, 9-13 October, Debrecen, Hungary; Protected Areas as a Legitimate Land Use; Logo Competition View full newsletter 

26 July 2013   BIOPAMA special edition

Efforts to establish World’s largest marine protected area in Antarctica postponed … again; About BIOPAMA; BIOPAMA looks ahead to the forthcoming IUCN World Parks Congress 2014; Capacity development in West and Central Africa through training in protected areas management; Lesotho and South Africa’s Transboundary World Heritage wonder: Maloti-Drakensberg Park; Key initiatives build bridges for protected areas management in the Caribbean; African Forestry and Wildlife Committee, 30 Sept - 4 Oct, 2013 View full newsletter

12 July 2013   World Heritage special edition

222 natural World Heritage Sites to protect; IUCN experts at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee; Five Natural Wonders Declared World Heritage; Tim Badman - IUCN World Heritage Programme Director; Terrestrial biodiversity and the World Heritage List - in English and French; WILD10, Salamanca, Spain 4-10 October; Getting involved in the State of World Heritage  View full newsletter

17 June 2013

Decision time for World Heritage; European Protected Area Capacity Development and the 6th IUCN World Parks Congress; Maja Vasilijevic; Madagascar's Marine Jewel - the Barren Isles Archipelago; IUCN World Heritage Evaluations 2013; The Second Protected Areas National Congress of Ecuador; Key steps to guide decisions in BIOPAMA Eastern and Southern African Region View full newsletter

31 May 2013

From risk to opportunity: reducing the risk of disasters the natural way; IUCN’s WPC team is on board; Alistair Morrison – Director-General, Department of Conservation, New Zealand; Reserva Natural de las Aves El Paujil - an Avian paradise; Climate in the Parks: Innovative climate change education in parks; Register now for a course on Planning & Managing Tourism in Protected Areas; New JRC Project Leader for BIOPAMA View full newsletter

18 April 2013

Why you should come to Cambodia this June; New terrestrial gaps study to be unveiled; The World Heritage Convention: back on the right track?; Dialogue between the mining sector and World Heritage sites in Africa; A training bridge between nature and culture; New guidance is available on the World Heritage criterion; Do you hold first-hand knowledge on natural and mixed World Heritage Sites? View full newsletter

22 March 2013

 PARKS paper reveals progress on management effectivenss targets; Sydney is ideal to host the IUCN World Parks Congress; Sukianto Lusli, Augus Budi Utomo and Yusup Cahyadin; Pinnacles National Park USA; Sacred Species and Sites : Advances in biocultural conservation ;Nick Cox, BIOPAMA Project Manager; Official website for IMPAC View full newsletter

8 March 2013

First Asia Parks Congress strives for protected area connections, the World Parks Congress needs your input, Dr Namkhai Bandi,Vashlovani Protected Areas: Cradle of the Caucasus, Ecological Restoration for protected areas - in English and in French, A BIOPAMA champion in the Pacific, IMPAC3 - Call for Papers View full Newsletter

22 February 2013

Support capacity development in Eastern and Southern Africa say WCPA Regional Vice Chair, Moses Mapesa WPC Logo approved Peter Cochrane Elk Island National Park, Canada Parks, Peace and Biodiversity publication BIOPAMA bolsters progress on capacity development for protected areas in the Pacific and West Africa Sustainable Ocean Summit Balkan Green Belt Capacity Building Workshop  View full newsletter

8 February 2013

New Ramsar Wetlands in Brazil, WPC Leaders wanted, Manuai Matawai, Hustai NP Mongolia,Protected Areas Governance and Management E-book newsletter,BIOPAMA The Caribbean Regional Workshop – from planning to action,CITES,IUCN experts deliberate defining degraded lands View full newsletter

25 January 2013

Leaders wanted for IUCN World Parks Congress 2014, Julia Miranda Londoño, Arnavon Islands,MPA Guidelines,BIOPAMA 2nd Year,Asia Parks Congress, MEDPan View full newsletter

11 January 2013

IUCN World Parks Congress build up underway, Graeme Kelleher OceanElder, Sydney Harbour National Park, PAs in Europe, What’s new and who is who in BIOPAMA?, Mountains under watch View Newsletter


2012 Newsletters

14 December 2012

Australia creates world largest network of marine reserves; Francesco Framarin, 41 years for the bearded vulture; Iguaçu NP Brazil; Parks 18.2; ESARO workshop; IPBES; WDPA workshops  View full newsletter

30 November 2012

IUCN supports Cook Islands to create the world’s largest marine park,Bob Debus - The Australia National Wildlife Corridors Plan, Butrinti National Park, Albania World Heritage Site,Protected area literature database,18th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC,Christine Mentzel ESARO focal point for BIOPAMA View full newsletter

16 November 2012

PAs in many WCC resolutions: Julia Marton-Lefèvre - Speech on PAs; Pukaskwa NP, Canada; Initiating effective transboundary conservation;WILD 10 Call for abstracts; Béatrice Chataigner, PACO focal point for BIOPAMA View full newsletter

2 November 2012
Decision at CBD COP 11 cites major role for IUCN GPAP and WCPA in moving protected areas agenda forward,  Oscar Loayza: Receiving the Kenton Miller award brings complete happiness, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Conserving Dryland Biodiversity, World Ranger Congress, View full Newsletter

19 October 2012
Protected Areas presented as Natural Solutions at CBD COP 11, Protected Areas lose a champion: Rob Milne, Western Ghats, India, Protected Planet Report, Europarc Conference 2012, BIOPAMA : Sara Whitmee View full Newsletter

5 October 2012
First woman to receive the Young Conservationist Award : Elisangela Sales Dos Santos, Changing the way we look at protected areas - Ernesto Enkerkin Hoeflich, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Canada, PARKS: The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation, Protected Areas Day at COP-11, BIOPAMA moved forward at the IUCN World Conservation Congress View full Newsletter


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