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2. Programme implementation

The IUCN Green List User Manual

The IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas programme guidance can be found in the IUCN Green List User Manual, which describes the procedures that entities involved in the IUCN Green List programme should follow. The provisions of the IUCN Green List User Manual aim to ensure that the all IUCN Green List processes are transparent, objective, impartial and inclusive. At the same time, the provisions aim to be easy to implement.


Global Green List community as of September 2017

Specifically, the IUCN Green List User Manual describes how the IUCN Green List Standard is developed; how the different roles in the supporting programme are defined; how PAs voluntarily commit to the Standard; how PAs are evaluated against the Standard through a set of adapted indicators; and, how observance of the rules and procedures of the User Manual is verified. In addition, it contains guidance on various aspects that help users implement the rules and procedures of the IUCN Green List Standard process. The User Manual is intended for all participants in the IUCN Green List Programme.

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