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Trevor Sandwith, Director, IUCN Global Protected Areas ProgrammeTrevor Sandwith

Director, Global Protected Areas Programme

Trevor leads IUCN’s Global Programme on Protected Areas which consists of a small secretariat staff based in headquarters in Switzerland, and in an extensive distributed staff located in all of IUCN’s regional offices around the world. His role includes co-ordinating IUCN’s work to conserve biodiversity and ensure its sustainable and equitable use through mainstreaming protected areas as an effective institutional model. Contact Trevor   


James Hardcastle, IUCN GPAPJames Hardcastle

Programme Development Manager

James helps to ensure that priority programmes are well designed and resourced to best achieve lasting results. He has a diverse background in protected areas, community-based conservation, and climate change adaptation. James has worked with protected area issues for conservation agencies in countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific and in Australia. He has particular expertise in participatory planning tools and sustainable financing for conservation and is a passionate advocate for island issues. James, a UK and Australian national, has assisted the Republic of Marshall Islands at United Nations climate change convention events. He is a keen supporter of traditional canoe voyaging by Pacific Island navigators.  Contact James


Roxana BusioacaRoxana Bucioaca

Manager - Communications and External Relations, BIOPAMA II

Roxana is managing the communication of the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) programme jointly implemented by IUCN and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. She is also managing the relations with the programme’s donors, the European Union and the ACP Group, as well as with Brussels based stakeholders. Roxana is working closely with 4 regional offices of IUCN in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, and other regional and global partners of the programme.

Roxana joined IUCN in March 2011. She has an academic background in Communication and Public Relations, Political Sciences and European Affairs and speaks Romanian, English, French and Spanish.  Contact Roxana


Marie FischbornMarie Fischborn

Lead, Protected Area Solutions

Marie is the IUCN coordinator for the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet initiative on promoting and sharing successful approaches in conservation and sustainable development conservation and sustainable development , and leads and leads IUCN’s business line on 'protected area solutions'. She has been with IUCN since 2011, working across various projects and core programme activities, with a focus on learning, knowledge management and marine protected areas (MPAs). Marie has also worked in conservation field projects in Mongolia, Madagascar and Central Europe, including with Greenpeace and WWF.

Marie holds a master’s degree in Biodiversity and Ecology. A German national, Marie is fluent in German, English, French and increasingly in Hindi. She enjoys any outdoor and non-adrenaline driven activities, including hiking and scuba diving. Contact Marie


Deviah Aiama

Deviah Aiama



Community Manager, IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas

Deviah manages the growing global community of countries, other jurisdictions, and stakeholders actively involved with implementing the IUCN Green List programme . His main priorities in the scale-up phase (2017-2020) of the IUCN Green List are: 1) establishing and maintaining fit-for-purpose governance systems, 2) supporting Country and jurisdictional implementation and associated assurance procedures, and 3) enabling outreach and investments for scaling-up the implementation and awareness of the IUCN Green List globally; amongst other supporting priorities including data management and communications.

Deviah is a conservation biologist who joined IUCN’s Global Protected Areas Programme in November 2016, from IUCN’s Global Business & Biodiversity Programme where he was involved with supply chains, sustainability standard systems, and sustainable landscapes related to multiple business commodities and their biodiversity risks and opportunities. Prior to IUCN he has public and private sector experience related to environmental policy development, analysis and compliance with the Government of Canada in Ottawa, and with the global consulting firm AECOM in California. Deviah has a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology, both from Queen’s University, Canada. Contact Deviah


Geoffroy MauvaisGeoffroy Mauvais

Coordinator - Pan-African Protected Areas (South Africa)

Dr. Geoffroy Mauvais is a veterinarian who has been involved in nature conservation for over 30 years (he received the Ford Foundation award at the age of 17 for a conservation project led in South of France). He has worked in Africa since 1992, on development issues and protected areas management. He has joined IUCN in 2006, in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), and has been coordinating the program on protected areas in West and Central Africa for 5 years. He is now based in Pretoria (South Africa) and runs the program on African protected areas & conservation (IUCN-Papaco) focusing on enhancing governance, management and sustainability of protected areas in Africa. More on               

Contact Geoffroy


Jennifer Kelleher


Jennifer Kelleher


Programme Officer, Governance, Equity and Rights

Jenny is an academic lawyer and has been researching and teaching on the topic of international environmental law and governance in conservation for the past number of years. Born in Ireland, Jenny studied law, history, German language and comparative legal systems in Ireland and Germany (LLB, LLM), before beginning her doctorate at the law faculty of the University of Vienna, Austria.   Her doctorate focuses on the history of conservation law and the transition to more innovative conservation arrangements that recognize equitable and rights based approaches.

Jenny's research interests have led her to the field in China and South Africa, where she has worked with communities living inside and adjacent to protected areas. Her teaching interests in the same field include ethics in environmental law, comparative environmental law, legal pluralism, and multilateral environmental agreements. She has taught at universities in Austria, China, Serbia, Slovakia and Russia. Outside of work, Jenny loves reading, looking at old maps, yoga, running, hiking in nature and travelling to far flung places.

Contact Jennifer


Cecile Fattebert Cecile Fattebert Photo: Cecile Fattebert



Cécile Fattebert




Programme Officer, Solutions

Cécile supports GPAP’s work on solutions (good practices) and learning, particularly on marine protected areas under the Blue Solutions project and other related projects.

Cécile is Swiss and holds a Master’s degree in Ethnology and Sociology from the University of Neuchâtel. She has most recently been working in Madagascar, where she was responsible for implementing the Barren Isles Marine Protected Area with key partners. She has previously worked in the Philippines with fisher communities to promote sustainable local resources use, and has had experience in eco-tourism initiatives in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in Viet Nam.

Contact Cécile


Nadine Seleem Nadine Seleem Photo: Nadine Seleem


Nadine Seleem




Junior Professional, Global Protected Areas

Born and raised in Egypt, Nadine started building a strong connection to nature and protected areas through her love for the Red Sea. She advances the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas by working on implementation with a particular focus on the West Asia region; leading on communications and accompanying the scaling up process for the IUCN Green List.

Nadine graduated recently from the University of Geneva with a Master’s degree in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development; and has worked in Europe, North America, and the Middle East in both private and non-profit sectors.

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