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"Walters Shoal" Expedition

The "Walters Shoal" expedition is bringing to fruition the objectives of the scientific component of the IUCN FFEM-SWIO project. Acquiring scientific data to enhance our knowledge and understanding of high seas ecosystems is one way to help move forward and support the future negotiations for the implementation of measures towards a sustainable use of their resources and conservation of their biodiversity.

32°30'S / 44°E

The Marion Dufresne of the French Polar Institute IPEV will take the scientific partners of the project to the seamount named "Walters Shoal". This high seas habitat is located in the international waters of the South West Indian Ocean, 700 km off the southern coast of Madagascar.

26 days on the Indian Ocean

The expedition will last 26 days aboard the oceanographic vessel. The departure will take place in Le Port (La Réunion) on 23 April 2017, and the demobilization will take place in Durban (South Africa) on 18 May.

22 April 2017, launching day

The launching day of the expedition will take place in La Reunion Island the day before departure (22 April ). It will be carried out in the form of a conference bringing together different actors from the South West Indian Ocean region and France. This will involve sharing discussions on the progress of the project, the importance of conducting such an expedition and the outlook for negotiations on the governance of living resources on the high seas.

Increase awareness

In addition to the scientific aspects, the expedition aims to raise awareness about these important issues. Thus, it will serve as a basis for the development of a scientific documentary and an educational program.

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