Governance and Rights


IUCN's Global Programme on Governance and Rights (GPGR) is designed to strengthen natural resource management and conservation action through effective and equitable governance and a more systematic adoption of rights-based approaches, including support of SDG implementation.

The GPGR programme is focused on delivering four thematic areas of work:

  • Supporting and facilitating an Indigenous Member-led and self-determined strategy and mechanisms that mobilise, engage and coordinate action on conservation and natural resource management and indigenous rights, at the global, regional and national levels;
  • Ensuring that the IUCN Secretariat and its Members demonstrate leadership at global, regional and national levels by upholidng and enhancing gender equality in environmental decision-making and programming spheres;
  • Ensuring the use of the Natural Resource Governance Framework as a "conservation standard" for decision-makers, rights-holders and practitioners to assess and strengthen governance of natural resources; and
  • Advancing the realisation of a human rights-based approach to conservation, leveraging the unique role and ability of IUCN to engage a wide range of actors within and beyond the conservation sector.
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