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SDG 16

IUCN's SDG brochure image - SDG16

Effective and just institutions are necessary for tackling environmental challenges, including the degradation of ecosystems and climate change. Governance frameworks impact the distribution of the costs and benefits related to the use of natural resources. This includes costs associated with environmental degradation and climate change, and benefits stemming from biodiversity conservation.

IUCN works to improve governance systems and foster international cooperation on efforts to conserve nature. It aims to strengthen the rule of law at all levels, especially in relation to the use of natural resources, crimes committed against nature and community access to ecosystem benefits.


  • identifies gaps in national environmental laws and policies, and in international treaties to improve the conservation of natural resources and ensure equitable access to their benefits;
  • provides technical advice and trains policy makers and local communities on ways to incorporate rights-based approaches in the conservation and use of natural resources;
  • examines global approaches to combatting wildlife trafficking and illegal logging and fishing as forms of organised crime;
  • manages the environmental law portal ECOLEX to ensure public access to environmental laws.
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