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Healthy ecosystems contribute to food security by making food systems more productive and stable in the long term. Healthy ecosystems also strengthen the resilience and adaptability of farming systems to climate change, extreme weather, flooding and other disasters.

IUCN works to improve agricultural productivity and to raise incomes of small-scale food producers by restoring degraded ecosystems and strengthening ecosystem governance. It also works to ensure that environmental changes do not threaten the availability of food yearround, or undermine the nutritional needs of poor and vulnerable communities – particularly children, women and older people.


  • conserves and restores the health of soil and land, ensuring an optimal and sustained supply of key ecosystem goods and services that underpin the productivity of food systems; 
  • encourages public and private investment in the sustainable management of ecosystems to secure stable food production and protection against disasters; 
  • develops policies and best practice for the agricultural and fisheries sectors to sustainably manage and conserve natural resources, maximising their productive potential; 
  • maintains the genetic diversity of important food crops by developing conservation strategies to safeguard wild cereals, fruit-bearing plants and other wild crop relative species.
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