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SDG 10

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Unequal allocation, management and access to natural resources create economic inequalities between individuals and groups, within and among countries.

IUCN works with indigenous peoples, local communities, government institutions and civil society organisations to redress such inequalities. It works to ensure that rights to natural resources are respected and that the benefits resulting from the use of those resources are shared in an inclusive and equitable manner.



  • coordinates projects which promote locally-managed resources and locally-controlled production for daily sustenance and income generation;
  • advises governments on policies and legal approaches to ensure inclusive and equitable sharing of benefits derived from natural resources;
  • provides technical, policy and legal advice to indigenous and peasant communities, artisanal farmers and fishers to help increase their participation in decision-making processes and secure their rights and access to natural resources;
  • advises the private sector on ways to improve the management of natural resources and ensure inclusive and equitable sharing of their benefits.
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