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Conserving nature helps maintain the natural resources that sustain the world’s economies. This is particularly important for sectors directly dependent on these resources, such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

IUCN works to conserve nature and maintain its ability to reduce poverty and contribute to sustainable development. IUCN also aims to ensure that conservation and development efforts take into account the rights and access to natural resources of local communities and indigenous peoples.


  • prevents potential economic losses and improves resilience to climate change and to other environmental disasters by sustainably managing nature – contributing ‘nature-based solutions’ to global challenges; 
  • provides technical guidance on water, land and ecosystem management to businesses, governments and communities to ensure socially inclusive and climate-resilient economic growth; 
  • facilitates initiatives which enable communities, smallholder farmers and indigenous peoples’ groups to gain control over land and natural resources, participate in supply chains and improve their incomes.
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