Catalysing Private Sector Commitment to the Bonn Challenge

Catalysing private sector commitment to implement the Bonn Challenge: A platform for success

Summary: Progressive companies have expressed interest in expanding their forest positive commitment to embrace Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) approaches where they consider how to optimise management practices under their immediate control and to minimise their impact across the landscape in which they operate. This project will provide guidance and support to these companies to help them commit to, and deliver, existing national or sub-national FLR commitments in order to achieve the Bonn Challenge. The project will also help align the implementation of FLR approaches with companies Zero Net Deforestation (ZND) strategies to enhance understanding, and strengthen implementation of, on the ground actions that demonstrate how companies balance protection with intensification of production needs. Key to this action will be the establishment of an implementation platform that will help facilitate co-learning, align FLR efforts with governments, and support tracking of those activities.


Donor(s): German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) - IKI

Location: Ghana, Peru and Tanzania

SDGs: 12, 15, 17

Aichi Biodiversity Targets:  7,15, 20

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