Environmental Law



Graduate students and young lawyers from all over the world come to the ELC to participate in our volunteer internship program. Working at the ELC is an enlightening experience, providing an insight into what it is like to be a part of the fascinating world of an international organisation working in the field of environmental law and policy.

Particular assignments are determined according to a mix of factors, of which the intern's level and qualifications, coupled with the particular needs of the ELC at the time, are the most important.

ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS: to qualify for an internship at the ELC, you must be a graduate student enrolled in a university or higher level institution recognised by the German authorities, either in environmental law or in a course of studies with a strong legal component, for the duration of the internship. Proof of enrolment is required in the form of a letter from the university or institution concerned, stating that an internship is a mandatory part of that course.

Please submit the following documents to the ELC: current CV in English; motivation letter; signed application form; signed letter of agreement with desired dates; proof of university enrolment valid for the desired dates of internship, stating that the internship is mandatory.

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