Environmental Law

Environmental Law Centre

The ELC is a programme unit of the IUCN secretariat and an internationally recognized centre of excellence for the conceptual development and implementation of environmental law. It coordinates the promotion of environmental law as a tool for sustainable development and resource governance. It acts as the secretariat for the WCEL, and works in collaboration with the whole of IUCN, together with many other partners from
across the globe.

The ELC is the management unit for ECOLEX, www.ecolex.org, a comprehensive webbased
information portal on environmental law.

Some of the themes the ELC is working on in collaboration with its partners include:
• Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Climate Change
• Marine and Oceans
• Protected Areas
• Integrated Spatial Planning
• Water
• Wildlife Crime

A longstanding association with the City of Bonn

IUCN Environmental Law Centre, Bonn, GermanyThe IUCN Environmental Law Centre (ELC) has a long and proud history of achievements and a longstanding association with the City of Bonn, Germany, where it was first established back in 1970.

The ELC has grown from having one full time staff member in 1970, to being a professional international office with 15 highly skilled legal and information specialists. From humble beginnings, the ELC is today recognized around the world as a leading global centre of excellence in environmental law.

The Centre houses two extensive libraries, on Legislation, Treaties and Case Law, and Literature and Soft Law and is the headquarters for the UNEP, FAO, IUCN Management Unit for the joint initiative known as ECOLEX - the vehicle through which the three organizations provide web based access to their comprehensive holdings of environmental law information.
The ELC is a Centre that attracts fellows and interns from around the world and ELC fellows and interns enjoy the rewarding experience of working in an international office, based in a city that has demonstrated a strong commitment to the environment and to attracting international organizations and events. They also have the opportunity to interact with ELC staff and the many international experts who visit the Centre, and have access to the ELC library resources.

The ELC is a part of the rich network of environmental law expertise that comprises the IUCN Environmental Law Programme (ELP) and it works in close collaboration with the World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) and with the whole of the IUCN family, together with many other partners from across the globe, in advancing environmental law.

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