Ecosystem Management

Participatory Assessment of Land Degradation and Sustainable Land management in Grassland and Pastoral Systems (PRAGA)

Together with other partners, the project offers a framework to design a methodology for participatory assessment and monitoring of LD and multiple benefits of pastoral areas. The findings of the assessment and monitoring process will also identify SLM best practices that can feed into policy processes.

The project’s objective is to strengthen the capacity of local and national stakeholders in pastoral areas comprising of grasslands and rangelands to assess LD and make informed decisions to promote SLM in a way that preserves the diverse ecosystem goods and services provided by rangelands and grasslands. This project will be implemented in five pilot countries which include: Burkina Faso, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Niger and Uruguay.The project will work with national partners in each pilot country, including the General Directorate of Pastoral Resources Management in Burkina Faso, the Directorate of Livestock Production in Kenya, the Department of Pasture in Kyrgyzstan, the Ministry of Livestock in Niger and the Ministry of Agriculture in Uruguay.

The project is structured through three main components.

Component 1: Development of a participatory assessment and monitoring system for pastoral areas comprising of grassland and rangeland.

Component 2: Inform international and national agro-sylvo-pastoral decision making processes on the basis of the results and best practices from the participatory pastoral areas assessments realized under the first component.  

Component 3: Knowledge management, communications, monitoring and evaluation of the project.

For more details on PRAGA, Contact:  Guyo ROBA, Senior Programme Officer, Global Drylands Initiative (

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