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Global Fund for Ecosystem-based Adaptation

The Global Fund for Ecosystem-based Adaptation aims to provide targeted and rapid support mechanisms through seed capital for innovative approaches to ecosystem-based adaptation. Officially titled "Support for the Implementation and Upscaling of Ecosystem-based Adaptation, the programme is funded by The Federal Environment Ministry of Germany (BMU) and jointly implemented by IUCN and UNEP.
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The multi-year Global EbA Fund will draw on and support the growing momentum behind NbS and EbA, along with major movements such as the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The Fund will have a specific focus on working with local NGOs and INGOs with relevant EbA experience and local presence, and with governments on specific gaps in technical knowledge and understanding. UNEP and IUCN will serve as catalytic conveners by engaging key stakeholders to proactively scale up commitments through strategic partnerships, building on key high-level political processes.

IUCN framed the concept of ecosystem-based adaptation in 2009, and since then has globally promoted its use to increase society’s resilience to climate change. Together with local stakeholders, IUCN has been involved with 58 EbA projects in 67 countries. This project will help us scale up actions that put nature at the center of sustainable development.

Nature-based solutions (NbS), including ecosystem-based adaptation, were a central pillar of the UN Climate Action Summit in September 2019, with the Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA) launching its eight Action Tracks for adaptation, along with a landmark report that argued for the increase of nature-based and ecosystem-based measures for climate change adaptation. UNEP will be leading the Action Track for nature-based solutions, and the results of the Global EbA Fund will contribute to addressing the barriers identified by the GCA process.

UNEP and IUCN will support target countries in implementing EbA measures to meet their global plans and commitments. The measures funded by this programme will be supported by specific expertise- and capacity-building, while strengthening information, knowledge and political will for nature-based solutions to adaptation. To do so, IUCN and UNEP will draw on their extensive existing networks, tools and expertise, including Friends of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (FEBA), supported by IUCN, and the Global Adaptation Network, supported by UNEP.

IUCN and UNEP expect to operatonalise the Fund with a first call for proposals at the UNFCCC SBSTA 52 in June 2020.

For more information, please contact Ali Raza Rizvi and Emily Goodwin

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