Climate Change


IUCN's regional offices focus on various aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation, including forest conservation, water management and food security.

Climate change impacts on Koh Kapik Community Photo: © IUCN Cambodia

Climate change in Asia

While the impacts of climate change will be felt globally, experts recognise that Asia will be among the hardest hit. Low lying and crowded coastal cities in...
Climate Change ESARO header Photo: IUCN ESARO

Climate Change in Esaro

IUCN’s work in this region seeks to ensure that climate change related policies, plans and strategies emphasize the role of ecosystems (forests, drylands,...
Floods in Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga, Spain) in 2004 Photo: Sonsoles San Román

Climate change in the Mediterranean

The critical factors that will constrain the conservation of natural resources can be multiple and varied depending on the geographical, economic and social...
Lebanon - Akkar Region Photo: SPNL

Climate change in West Asia

The West Asia region's climate-related work focuses on the link between water and climate change and it has a number of projects in this area. 
Parque Natural Laguna Lachuá, Guatemala Photo: Patricia Ugalde/UICN

Cambio Climático en México, América Central y El Caribe

Trabajamos en captar experiencias exitosas y lecciones aprendidas, facilitar información y data sobre cambio climático y meteorología, y apoyar procesos...
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