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From Katowice 2018

IUCN news from COP24
  • UNFCCC IUCN Delegation Photo: Denise Antolini

    WCEL joins IUCN delegation to UNFCCC COP 24


    WCEL members attended the UN Climate Change Summit in Katowice, Poland in December 2018.

  • blue sky and green tree left versus hot sun and desert on right Photo: Pixabay

    Piecing together the case for nature-based solutions and the Paris Agreement


    There is indisputable evidence that achieving global climate objectives requires nature-based solutions. In light of the most recent climate science, and in preparation for the development of new or revision of existing national climate targets under the Paris Agreement, IUCN engaged at COP24 in Poland by emphasising the need for integrated land use practices and the potential of the forest landscape restoration approach to enable greater climate ambition and action.

  • Panelists at the UNFCCC Photo: Pasang Dolma Sherpa

    Asian Indigenous People's struggle in COP 24


    CEESP News - by Pasang Dolma Sherpa, PhD, co-chair of SPICEH Indigenous peoples from Asia, who participated in the COP 24 of the UNFCCC in Katowice, Poland from 2 to 14th Dec. 2018, felt the very important step in strengthening indigenous peoples’ roles, indigenous knowledge and traditional cultural practices in contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation in a long run.

  • Panelists at the UNFCCC From left to right: Grace Wong, Tebtebba; Benoit Bosquet, The World Bank Group; Hindou Ibrahim, Indigenous Peoples Coordinating Committee of Africa, IPACC; Kristen Walker Painemilla, CEESP Chair; Johnson Cerda, Conservation International; Idrissa Zeba, DGM Burkino Faso; Lucrecia Campos, Costa Rica Communal Development Associations. Photo: Luis Barquin

    Outcomes of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform


    Report from CEESP Chair, Kristen Walker Painemilla Last week after three years of work, the 24th meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP24) reached a major accomplishment with a draft decision on the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform (LCIPP).   As stewards of many crucial ecosystems, indigenous peoples and local communities are on the front lines of climate change and increasing evidence keeps demonstrating the importance of their contribution to climate action. In the Paris Agreement, we see recognition of this fact, but considerable work is needed to better integrate their knowledge, best practices, and perspectives into climate decisions and actions at the national and international levels. 

  • Soil sample measurement Photo: Miguel Cifuentes

    New report highlights the business case for investing in soil health


    On World Soil Day at the UNFCCC COP24, a new report highlighting the business case for investing in soil health was launched. The Business Case for Investing in Soil Health shows how companies around the world are beginning to address the issue and identifies the next steps for scaling-up action and investment in soil health. 

  • Natural climate solutions Natural climate solutions are tremendously potent, providing an estimated 37 % of cost-effective mitigation needed between now and 2030 to hold global warming below 2°C Photo: Creative Commons CC0

    Protecting climate by protecting nature


    Curbing global temperature rise will require removing more carbon from the atmosphere than we release into it. How can we harness natural ecosystems to help achieve this?

  • School Girls drawing their messages on postcards School girls in Bangladesh drawing their messages on postcards Photo: BLI Bangladesh

    Creative Thinking from the Children of Nigeria


    Second article of the Children as Champions of Climate Change - stories from all around the Planet series. Students surprised project leaders with their openness and creativity.

  • Child drawing of a cow chasing a tree cutter. Cow chasing a man intending to cut down a tree Photo: Dial-a-Pad Kenya

    Giant postcard with 125,000 cards exposed on Swiss glacier


    Check out the first article of the Children as Champions of Climate Change - stories from all around the Planet series. More and more to come from different countries where children got engaged with Nature and took action by drawing attention to climate change, stay tuned!

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