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  • Lago di Fusini, Italy Photo: ©Shutterstock/Yevhenii Chulovskyi

    Nature-based Solutions for Water Infrastructure at your service


    'Natural water infrastructure' is not built infrastructure. Instead, it is shaped, grown, eroded or deposited by nature over time. It refers to services nature provides for free, such as mangroves protecting shorelines from storms, peatlands sequestering...

  • Woman examines leaf with clipboard Photo: (c) Vystek Images Shutterstock

    IUCN Acting Director General’s Statement on International Women’s Day 2020


    Nature conservation and women’s rights are inextricably linked. As we face an escalating biodiversity crisis, we need women as equal, active players in conservation more than ever. What is more, environmental degradation is actually exacerbating violence...

  • a blue marlin Photo: Photo by Waterframe, Alamy Stock Photos

    Marine life, fisheries increasingly threatened as the ocean loses oxygen – IUCN report


    Madrid, Spain, 07.12.2019 (IUCN) - The loss of oxygen from the world’s ocean is increasingly threatening fish species and disrupting ecosystems, a new IUCN report warns. Ocean oxygen loss, driven by climate change and nutrient pollution, is a...

  • Autores del libro Gobernanza de la adaptación basada en ecosistemas durante el lanzamiento de la publicaciòn realizado en el marco de la PreCOP25 Autores del libro Gobernanza de la adaptación basada en ecosistemas durante el lanzamiento de la publicaciòn realizado en el marco de la PreCOP25 Photo: UICN ORMACC

    UICN presentó libro sobre Gobernanza para la Adaptación basada en Ecosistemas


    Basado en la experiencia en Mesoamérica, este libro reflexiona sobre los múltiples aspectos y dimensiones de la gobernanza para la Adaptación basada en Ecosistemas (EbA) y procura ofrecer recomendaciones para estimular los cambios necesarios en políticas,...

  • Rivers as lifelines, West Africa Photo: ©Shutterstock/QuickShot

    Le bassin du Tchad, une source de vie pour l'homme, la nature et la paix


    Le Bassin du Tchad, focalisé autour du Lac Tchad, couvre près de 8% du continent africain et abrite plus de 30 millions de personnes. Plus de la moitié de cette population vit de l'agriculture, de l'élevage et de la pêche grâce à ce bassin. Pourtant, il a...

  • Mangroves Mangroves Photo: Anton Bielousov CC 2.0

    IUCN response to the IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate


    The scientific evidence that the world’s ocean is changing dramatically due to climate change has been underpinned with a report released today by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a...

  • reflection of orange and yellow trees on water ECCA30 logo in white Photo: IUCN

    Region targets 30 million hectares for restoration


    A new call to bring 30 million hectares of degraded and deforested landscapes into restoration in Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia by 2030 in support of the Bonn Challenge announced at Climate Action Summit.

  • Participants of the Citizen Journalism Training Photo: ©IUCN/Wanphen Thotsaphon

    Amplifying community voices in Thailand through Citizen Journalism


    IUCN and Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) jointly organised a series of citizen journalism trainings for local communities in Bang Pakong wetland and the Kaper Estuary- Laemson Marine National Park- Kraburi Estuary Ramsar site from 23 to 25 August...

  • cacoa Photo: WCEL

    Can producing cocoa help Colombia achieve its climate targets?


    Colombia holds significant potential to combat climate change by establishing forestry and agroforestry systems on degraded land. Opportunities for restoration can also be found through improvements to pasture and cattle management as well as the...

  • field that is dry and brown on left and green on right Photo: iStock

    Guidance on estimating the mitigation potential of restoration


    New practical guidance is now availible to estimate the mitigation potential of forest landscape restoration and help inspire countries to take more climate action, and increase their ambition to remove and avoid carbon dioxide emissions. ...


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