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Explore IUCN's publications on climate change for latest research and findings, case studies, guidelines and assessments.

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(2019)   Ocean deoxygenation : everyone’s problem : causes, impacts, consequences and solutions
(2018)   Increasing success and effectiveness of mangrove conservation investments : a guide for project developers, donors and investors
(2018)   Ocean connections: an introduction to rising risks from a warming, changing ocean
(2017)   European Union overseas coastal and marine protected areas
(2016)   Marine protected areas and climate change
(2016)   National blue carbon policy assessment framework
(2016)   Explaining ocean warming: causes, scale, effects and consequences
(2016)   Ocean warming: causes, scale, effects and consequences. And why it should matter to everyone. Executive summary
(2015)    Bridging the gap between ocean acidification impacts and economic valuation
(2015)    Resilience of coastal systems and their human partners: ecological and social profile of coastal systems in Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania
(2015)   Coastal “blue” carbon. A revised guide to supporting coastal wetland programs and projects using climate finance and other financial mechanisms
(2014)   The significance and management of natural carbon stores in the open ocean
(2014)   The significance and management of natural carbon stores in the open ocean: summary
(2013)   Mediterranean marine protected areas and climate change: a guide to regional monitoring and adaptation opportunities
Also available in French
(2012)   Les herbiers de Magnoliophytes marines de Méditerranée : résilience et contribution à l’atténuation des changements climatiques
Summary available in Spanish and English

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