Climate Change

2009 - Copenhagen

Turning the tide. Copenhagen and beyond


The result in Copenhagen may be insufficient but IUCN is looking ahead to what its priorities are for the coming years in tackling climate change.


We’ll be taking a keen interest in how REDD—Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation evolves. Will issues of benefit sharing and governance be adequately addressed? Will they form part of the post-2012 climate change regime? We’ll also be looking at how Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) will unfold. IUCN will continue to work with its partners, on EbA and REDD, feeding lessons learned on the ground into international policy.

Tackling climate change is not only the remit of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and government Parties. The links between climate change and biodiversity call for action by many other international agreements. The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) for example, needs to address the role of biodiversity for both sequestering carbon and adapting to climate change. It has a particular mandate to address the challenges of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the face of climate change. And these challenges will be under the spotlight in 2010, the UN-declared International Year of Biodiversity, culminating in the CBD Conference of the Parties in Japan in October 2010.


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