Climate Change

Climate change journey

The Climate change journey will take participants through a series of events organized by IUCN members, secretariat, commissions, national and regional committees, and partners that collectively showcase the work being done across the global conservation community in assessing the impacts of climate change and in advancing practical and inclusive solutions and action centred on the better conservation, management and restoration of ecosystems.

Climate Change Journey - 2016 WCC

The journey is clustered around three main themes:

Climate impacts on nature: assessing and addressing the impacts of climate change on vulnerable species and ecosystems that are integral to life on Earth.

Climate solutions from nature: demonstrating how the world’s ecosystems provide practical and effective nature-based solutions to climate change through ecosystem-based mitigation (EbM), ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) and ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction (Eco-DRR).

Inclusive climate action: highlighting the need for climate action to be drawn from across all sections and levels of society – women, men, youth, faith-based leaders, indigenous peoples and local communities, among others.


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