Climate Change


Climate change is one of the most pressing environment and development challenges confronting humanity today. IUCN engages on this issue from multiple perspectives, from assessing the risks that climate change poses to advancing practical nature-based solutions centred on better conservation, management and restoration of natural ecosystems.

Healthy ecosystems such as forests, oceans and wetlands make a critical and well-known contribution to climate change mitigation by absorbing and storing carbon. They also help vulnerable communities, especially those who depend on natural resources, to better adapt and become more resilient to the adverse effects of climate change. At the same time, they provide a number of other valuable economic, social and environmental benefits.

Around the world, IUCN is working with its members and partners, and through its commissions, regional and global programmes, to help integrate ecosystem-based mitigation and adaptation approaches into both policy and practice. It is also working to make climate policy and action more inclusive and socially equitable, taking into account the concerns of the most vulnerable.

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