Business and Biodiversity

Business and Biodiversity Net Gain

For businesses aiming to achieve net gains for biodiversity


A guide for business and governmentsIUCN Review Protocol for Biodiversity Net Gain                                                 

This guide aims to assist companies and governments that are interested in transforming their operations to meet today's widely-accepted global goals for biodiversity and sustainable development.  Click here to download the full report. 


NPI The Business CaseNet Positive Impact on biodiversity: the business case

This paper summarizes the business case for private sector applications of NPI. It outlines the opportunities available for businesses that implement best practice biodiversity management by applying NPI in their operations. Click here to download.

NPI The Conservation CaseNet Positive Impact on biodiversity: the conservation case

This briefing paper summarizes the main arguments, from a conservation perspective, for operationalizing the concept of net positive impact on biodiversity. Click here to download.


No Net Loss and Net Positive Impact Report coverNo Net Loss and Net Positive Impact Approaches for Biodiversity: Exploring the potential application of these approaches in the commercial agriculture and forestry sectors

This report is an outcome of a working group of relevant business and conservation experts convened by IUCN’s Global Business and Biodiversity Programme. The objectives of this report are to learn from the NNL/NPI experience of the extractives and infrastructure sectors, propose an organizing framework for applying NNL/NPI approaches in other business sectors and to explore the potential for applying NPI approaches in commercial agriculture and forestry sectors. Click here to download.

Case Studies


Promoting biodiversity net gain Photo: IUCN



Promoting Biodiversity New Gain in Nevada: Findings from an independent review with Newmont Goldcorp           

As part of a collaborative agreement, Newmont Goldcorp asked IUCN to conduct independent reviews at select mine sites using the IUCN Biodiversity Net Gain Review Protocol. The objective: to highlight lessons learned from the company’s experience in integrating biodiversity into its operations and in applying the mitigation hierarchy to achieve no net loss of biodiversity and where possible, net gain. This brochure outlines some of the key findings and recommendations.                                 

Exploring ecosystem valuationExploring ecosystem valuation to move towards net positive impact on biodiversity in the mining sector Photo: IUCN

This study examines the costs of conservation and the value of benefits associated with biodiversity around the QIT Madagascar Minerals (QMM) project area, with a focus on the Tsitongambarika (TGK) forest complex. The aim is to quantify and value changes in ecosystem services resulting from interventions that deviate from 'business as usual' in TGK, i.e. projected continued deforestation and ecosystem degradation, in favour of some form of forest conservation. Click here to download English, French and Spanish versions.

Forecasting the path towards NPIForecasting the path towards a net positive impact on biodiversity for Rio Tinto QMM Photo: IUCN

This publication aims to provide the data, theory, and predictions for the potential long-term outcome of a biodiversity conservation programme at a mining site. The Rio Tinto ilmenite mine in southeastern Madagascar, run by QIT Madagascar Minerals (Rio Tinto QMM), has been chosen as a pilot site to test the tools designed to achieve and quantify net positive impact (NPI) on biodiversity. Click here to download English, French and Spanish versions.


Additional Resources

Best practice principles Photo: © V.F. Griffiths
Ensuring No Net Loss for People and Biodiversity: Good Practice Principles 

This report sets out good practice principles for development projects to achieve NNL/NG of biodiversity and generate positive social outcomes. By JW Bull et al. (2018).


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