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Cerrado Waters Consortium

The Cerrado Waters Consortium (Consórcio Cerrado das Aguas) in Brazil's Minas Gerais State is an initiative by coffee growers, producers, researchers and environmentalists to bring together all of the land users, who depend on the region's water, and deliver positive conservation and socio‐economic impacts at a landscape level.
Cerrado das Aquas Consorcio

The Cerrado region is located in the country's central highland plains and is a major source of water for Brazil.  The Consortium’s pilot site in the Feio River watershed in Minas Gerais is also an important coffee growing region. 

The launch of the Consortium is one of several outcomes from a project that started in 2013, when IUCN, Nespresso and IUCN's NGO Member IPÊ, started working together to identify the environmental impacts of the company's coffee supply chain and its dependencies on ecosystem services in the Cerrado biome.

Since its launch in 2015, the Consortium's founding members -- IUCN, Nespresso, the Institute of Agricultural and Forest Management and Certification (IMAFLORA), the Institute of Ecological Research (IPÊ), the Federation of coffee producers of the Cerrado Mineiro and Brazil's largest coffee cooperative COOXUPÉ -- have developed an action plan for taking this work forward. The Consortium's members have also carried out new studies and shared these results with other stakeholders and local communities. 


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