As part of Union-wide preparation for the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress, three North American Regional Conservation Forums (RCFs) took place in 2015: one U.S. RCF in Washington D.C. on June... Read more
Our work seeks to promote the concept of “rights approach” in the conservation and management of natural resources. This refers to the recognition of the rights of people and communities who inhabit... Read more
Among the active projects in the Region, there are national, bi-national and regional (multi-country) projects, as well as global projects that are implemented in many countries around the world,... Read more
Project’s Official Name: Energy and Extractive Industries and Afro American and Indigenous Territories in Central America. Articulating Territorial Agendas with National and Regional Agendas Much... Read more
As a global organization,IUCN is committed with excellence, transparency and accountability in the delivery of our work. Our reputation and credibility derive from the quality of our work, the... Read more
IUCN harnesses the knowledge, resources and reach of 1,300 Member organisations. These include states and government agencies, NGOs large and small,...
Who can become a Member? IUCN membership is open to organisations (not individuals) particularly states, government agencies, political/economic integration organisations, and national and... Read more
6th Asia Regional Conservation Forum 10-12 August 2015, Bangkok, Thailand In August 2015, around 500 representatives of governments, NGOs and the business sector from across Asia will come... Read more
New Zealand Members   State Member New Zealand is a State Member of IUCN Department of Conservation   Government Agencies   New... Read more
Australia Members   Australia is a State Member of IUCN. State member Department of the Environment Government Agencies  Office of Environment and... Read more
Pacific Island Members   State Members (6) Fiji, Nauru, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu are State Members of IUCN   Department of Environment, Fiji... Read more
There are currently more than 260 IUCN Members from 21 of the 23 countries in South, East and Southeast Asia which comprise the scope of the IUCN Asia Regional Office. Among the Members, 14... Read more
IUCN is only as strong as the collective power of its membership. IUCN Members benefit from being part of the world’s largest environmental network, working together to address sustainability issues... Read more


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